Change Idle Session timeout ICX Session Timeout session.timeout

First of all I want to thank my reader (Budding Apps DBA) from Vennela Technologies, Hyderabad India for posting question to me that

If someone ask Apps DBA to change Session Idle Time out value How & where will you change ?
In order to answer first you have to understand what kind of seesions are in Apps 11i and what is Idle timeout ?
In Apps there are two broad categories of session
Self Service Application Session ( Server by Web Server iAS Apache & Jserv, like iRecruitment, iProcurement)
Forms session ( served by your form session, like system Administrator)

What is Session Idle time ?
If Oracle Apps client is not doing any activity for some time (when application user goes for coffee or talks over phone) session during that time is called as Idle Session & because of security reason, performance issues and to free up system resource Oracle Applications terminates client session( both forms & self service) after idle time value is reached to the one mentioned in configuration file.

From FND.G or 11.5.9 or with introduction of AppsLocalLogin.jsp to enter into application, profile option “ICX Session Timeout” is used only to determine Forms Session Idle timeout value . This might be confusing as earlier this profile option used to control forms as well as self service application(with session.timeout) session.timeout is used to control Idle session timeout for Self Service Applications ( Served by Jserv via JVM )

From where ICX : Session Timeout & session.timeout get values ?

Autoconfig determines value for profile option “ICX: Session Timeout” and “session.timeout” from entry in context file ( $APPL_TOP/admin/SID_hostname.xml ) with parameter s_sesstimeout where value mentioned is in milliseconds so profile option ICX: Session Timeout value should be s_sesstimeout/ (1000 * 60) which means here its 10 Minutes. This value is also set in in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv where number mentioned is in milli second i.e. 600000 ( equal to 10 Minutes)session.timeout = 600000

session.timeout mentioned in is in milli secondsICX Session Time out mentioned in profile option ICX: Session Timeout is in minutes so ICX session timeout=30 & session.timeout= 1800,000 are same 30 minutes

P.S. ICX Session time out was introduced in FND.D so if your FND version is below D you might not see this variable.

Important Things Apps DBA should consider while setting session timeout value ?
1.. If you keep session.timeout value too high , when some oracle application user accessing Self service application terminates his session, so longer idle session will drain JVM resource & can result in Java.Lang No Memory available issues .
2. If you keep it too low, users going out for tea or sitting idle for some time have to login again into application & can be annoying .
Thumb rule is session time out usually set to 30 minutes.

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Biswajit saha says October 7, 2006

Can you provide more information , what i mean is u said that is used to set the session time out for SSWA and icx profile option : Idle session timeout for Forms.

is this what u mean by ur Posting and is there any other parameter or profile value which is related to the Session Timeout ..


Atul Kumar says October 7, 2006

Yes that’s what I mean. If you are using Single Sign On Server with Apps then SSO time out session will also come in to picture . As I mentioned, earlier Profile Option ICX Session Time Out & parameter in were used for SS Applications.

Other profile option related to session are ICX Limit Connect & ICX Limit Time More on profile options at


Stan Gerick says November 21, 2006

What events reset the timeout timer for client activity? Does simple keystrokes or tabbing from field to field prevent timeout, or does the client have to submit some event to the server?

Atul Kumar says November 21, 2006

Nice Question , I hope your query is for Form connections & not self service one.

Yes it should be some activity on “form server” from client machine

(Not necessary that activity has to fetch some data from database server)


Anonymous says December 11, 2006

Hi Atul,

As per our DBA, if I am setting the ICX: Timeout Session parameters, for say 30min, as you have said, then it will consume a considerable network traffic. Can you tell me is it correct and how it could increase the network traffic ?


Atul Kumar says December 11, 2006

ICX: Timeout Session
parameter default value is 30 Minutes.
So if you keep it high value like say 5 Hours & if someone doesn’t close His/Her session that session will be active on server for 5 hours & will use system resource like CPU & Memory which is a waste


Anonymous says April 16, 2007


I have the following setting


I still see lot of Inactive session in the database mostly JDBC connections and they are consuming lot of memory.

What is the best way to clean up the inactive session and why the timeout setting not cleaning up the Inactive session.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous says April 24, 2007

In R12 is there a timeout inactivity profile for Knowledge management? I mean we have an issue where the users KM application times out but the other applications like Teleservice, iSupport etc do not. I tried searching and see only ICX session timeout and JTF_INACTIVE_SESSION_TIMEOUT.


Maninder says August 16, 2007


Please let me know how to expire the ORACLE WORKFLOW IE session after 30 minutes.


Maninder says August 16, 2007


Please let me know how to expire ORACLE WORKFLOW IE session after 30 minutes


Raathi says August 24, 2007

Hi Atul,
I have two questions regarding the session_timeout and I would appreciate if you could clear me.
1. Is it mandatory to set ICX session_timeout value on the profile and to be same? If so does the forms services and Apache services needs to be bounced in order to be in effect.
2. Can I set only the ICX : session_timeout if so do I need to bounce the forms services.


Atul Kumar says August 25, 2007

No its not compulsory but its recommended. If they are different forms and web/apache timeout will work independently.

You don’t have to bounce forms server after changing ICX Time Out Profile Option Value

stalin says March 15, 2008

how to get the form session in linux server
installation of 11i apps is successful but im not getting form pages in thserver itself.

amit says March 17, 2008

Hi Stalin,

Are you able to login using URL


Can you check the status of form server?

HTTP login is working fine ?

Is apachec up and running ? Check the error log file


Arora says May 5, 2009

how to set forms timeout session value to 10 minutes in Release 12

anis says March 4, 2010


I am having issue with forms not launching for some users but for sysadmin I am able to …

Now when changed the value of ICX:FORMS LAUNCHER for one user like mfg able to launch for that user .
SO my query is how should i set this globaly for all users …
Please suggest this is critical …

Application is R12.1.1

praveenmpp says November 30, 2011

Hi Atul,

Everytime iam finding 1700 JDBC and SQL*Plus inactive sessions and iam clearing some inactive sessions.

But,after some again iam finding 1700 JDBC and SQL*Plus inactive sessions.

This database is connects to SOA.

Could you please tell me what is happening here.


sanj says August 8, 2017

how to set idle session timeout for one app in 11g to 30 min and other app to 15 min

    Atul Kumar says August 22, 2017

    You need to set this in each application web.xml file. If you are using SSO solution like OAM then look in respective file.

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