Performance Tuning Apps 11i

Lot of Apps DBA’s encounter performance Issues with Oracle Applications 11i . You get phone call from support team or your local helpdesk team that Users are complaining that system is running slow, you don’t know where to start & what to do in this scenario . Here I am outlining overview at this minute what to ask users & what to look for ? These steps might be hepful when your 11i oracle is running slow .
Steps mentioned below are for Apps 11i which may or may not fit in all your performance scenarios

First as an Over view of Oracle Applications 11i check following things

Broad Level Steps to Check
1. Is Gather stats schedule ? ( atleast weekly ?)
2. Is Purge Obsolete Workflow request & concurrent request purging scheduled ?
3. Is there any runaway process on database tier or application tier ? ( runaway process is process taking unexceptionally long time with high CPU or Memory usages)
4. Any Discoverer process taking long time or High CPU ? ( Usually on Middle tier like dis4ws..) 5. Any Custom report taking long time ?

In order to understand problem better

As Next level you should ask questions to yourself or person encountering performance issues like

1. Is whole application is slow or only component of application is slow (like only Concurrent manager running slow)
2. If this is paritular component like reports server slow then is a particular report or all reports are slow ?
3. Is performance issue during all time or at specific time lets say from 11AM to 4PM ?
4. Was performance issue popped up recently or performance degradation is since long ?
5. Whats changed recently ?

Depending on answers you can start looking into application like if issue is specific to whole applications then check
1. If database initialization parameter is set correctly ?
2. If application sizing is proper , server configuration is enough to accomodate all users ?

Rest other points I will cover in tomorrow’s post

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ram says September 5, 2006

Hi as we are beginers in apps we are not understanding some technical procedures as
1.what is Gather status shedule? to shedule purge workflow request and concurrent requests.
3.what is stage APPL_TOP?

Atul Kumar says September 5, 2006

Hi ,
Thanks a lot for your feedback, I appreciate that you mentioned that you are not aware of what is gather stats or how to purge as this will help me in understanding my readers. I will explain these & how to schedule gather stats or purging once I finsih with overview of tuning/performance checks in 11i.

Staged APPL_TOP is totally different concept used mainly during upgrade to reduce production system downtime (Please note this is different from shared APPL_TOP ) I will cover these two topics in my future posts . Keep posting comments if you don’t understand or have any doubts.


rav_mon says April 25, 2007

Dear atul,

I want ur valuabale advice, I am in IT Industries since more than 10 years , I worked in different different platform from DBMS programing to MSSQL . Presently i m working as IT manager handling all type of portfolio.

But now I want to go for oracle apps DBA upto Specialised level. I dnt have any certification of Oracle , so first i m doing oracle core DBA and than i will proceed for Oracle Apps DBA .

So pls advice me I am on right path , this course i will do from Spider system Pvt Ltd Pune (Education Parter of Oracle University)

Ur advice will boost my decision . pls atul reply me

Atul Kumar says April 25, 2007

Yes, this route is perfectly fine


Bipin says December 23, 2008

Hi Atul

Broad Level Steps to Check..
5. Any Custom report taking long time?

How can one know the difference between a custom report & other reports

How many types of reports are available in Apps?


Bipin says December 23, 2008

hi Atul

2.If application sizing is proper, server configuration is enough to accomodate all users?

What is sizing apps & how is this done?
How is server configured?


Bipin says December 23, 2008

hi Atul

What is the command which tells a process is taking more CPU or memory?


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