Autoconfig Basics

I am getting lots of request for Autoconfig so I thought lets start with this most powerful tool (in my views) in Oracle Apps .

What is Autoconfig ?
Autoconfig is tool in Apps to configure oracle Applications 11i , Application Tier as well Database Tier.

How to run Autoconfig ?
If you want to configure database tier then you have to execute autoconfig script on database tier else if you want to configure on application tier (Middle Tier ) then you have to execute one on middle tier .

Here is the script location
For Database tier its $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME
For Application Tier its $OAD_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME calls from $AD_TOP/bin which inturn calls from $AD_TOP/bin

Don’t forget to take backup before executing autoconfig.

What source of information for Autoconfig to update configuration files ?
If you are wondering where is configuration information stored about your apps 11i instance based on which it updates your Instance then this file is xml file also called as Context file and its in $APPL_TOP/admin for Application Tier or $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil in Database Tier

I am going to unwrap this xml / context file which is most important file . If you get a chance open this file & go through it so wait for my next post on Context File Contents with explanation & how to put your customization so that Autoconfig can’t overwrite them ..

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jeremiah says October 4, 2006

my name is jeremiah Ochieng. am the pricipal DBA in Safaricom Kenya. my urgent concern is security for the E-biz. there is always a trade off between the security and the performance. can you highlight for us how we can do this so that we have the best security and performance as well

Atul Kumar says October 4, 2006

Hi jeremiah,
Thanks for pointing this out. Do you access applications from internet as well or its just from intranet ?


Arunkumar says October 4, 2006

Nice post.
By the way, it should be AD_TOP/bin instead of FND_TOP/bin.


Atul Kumar says October 4, 2006

Thanks for pointing this , corrected now .


Anonymous says November 20, 2006

Atul- you said, “Don’t forget to take backup before executing autoconfig”

Q is that, what us to take backup & location, can you pl help us


Atul Kumar says November 20, 2006

you Just take backup of xml file . (If you are new to autoconfig & not very good in apps you might want to backup middle tier & database ) but if you know how to troubleshoot in case of any issues then no need to backup middle tier & database .

Sandeep says November 27, 2006

Waiting for the xml file’s post-mortem……….:)

Atul Kumar says November 27, 2006

I am happy to hear that you would like to hear more on XML file .

Few more things you can find here

More I’ll write in a week or two as I have few more things which are already in pipeline.


Anonymous says December 5, 2006

We are planning to change the apps password in our production. Usuallly i use to change the apps password using FNDCPASS and run autoconfig to probagate the password change. But now my client dont want to run the autoconfig after password change. I know we can do this by changing some config files. Can you please give info about what configuration files we should change the passwords in


Atul Kumar says December 5, 2006

You don’t have to run Autoconfig after changing apps password , you just need to update ($IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/conf)

You have to bounce CM after password change.

If you have any custom file in which you store apps password likle startup shutdown script , change there as well.


Chandramohan says February 13, 2007

You don’t need to take the backup before running Autoconfig. Since the tool automatically creates a backup in $APPL_TOP/sid_hostname/out directory with the directory name being a time stamp. Just open that directory and run . This will put the system into a status prior to the current Autoconfig run.

Atul Kumar says February 13, 2007

Thanks Chandramohan for sharing this information with us.

Anonymous says February 27, 2007

Hi Atul & Chandra,

This is my first comment in this site so I am a new kid for all, but not so new for oracle apps DBA world.

Just seeing the content for apps DBA and would like to add my comments whenever I have time..

The location and name of the file stated here for rollback of autoconfig should be:


Please correct me if I am not looking at the right file/directory.



Atul Kumar says February 27, 2007

KK & Chandra ,
Thanks for your feedback & suggestions .

Here is the actual location



Regerences : Point 5 Rolling back an AutoConfig session

Metalink Note # 387859.1 Using AutoConfig to Manage System Configurations in Oracle Applications Release 12

kiran says March 30, 2007

Hi atul…
This is kiran from Hyderabad. Actually i’m a senior lecturer in Physics. As i got bored off in teaching for 8 years, i have chosen Apps DBA to learn. Before that i have learnt Core DBA, but not upto the mark in the subject. Now i’m learning Apps DBA and can i get job being a novice to this field? Pl suggest me in what way i have to read? I’m unable to remember the file locations in different Tiers. Could you pl help me out? Thankyou…

Atul Kumar says March 30, 2007

Hi Kiran,
You focus on basics and architecture. Don’t worry about files initially as long as you knoiw where to find in documentation. You will remeber these file names & location once you start actually working on issues & supporting apps

Anonymous says April 2, 2007

Hi, Atul:
I am faily new to the apps DBA world, when do we usually run autoconfig?


Atul Kumar says April 3, 2007

Whenever you wish to change configuration of apps or when instucted by patch read me or by oracle support.

Kumar says April 18, 2007

Hi Atul,

Iam Kumar from hyd.Iam working on production instance,so how can i autoconfig run without stop the applications services.

Kumar says April 18, 2007

Hi Atul,
We can edit the .xml file? when run the autoconfig,what is the back end .xml file update and read that time.

ankush says May 15, 2007


running a autoconfig is safe or it can create issues . do we need to bring down the apps tier for it . Wat really it does it just creates context files or it really updates the instance as well

Atul Kumar says May 15, 2007

Autoconfig will configure your system as per entry in context file SID_hostname.xml in APPL_TOP/admin . Autoconfig will make cahnges so if you are not confortable then better take backup before running it. There is option to run autoconfig in precheck mode to see what all files and configurations its going to change. For this option check Autoconfig FAQ in metalink

Anonymous says June 5, 2007

Atul, I need to change the topic a bit and this is a major task. I am a newbee to Oracle Application. We have upgraded our Appliction from 11.5.4 to 11.5.10 as well as the platform from Sun Solaris to Dell Serveers running Linux ES4. Now we are running a number of tests at the moment and I was wondering if you could help with just simple cold backup scripts backing everything to tape. What I am asking is not the Linux commands in backing up but just what your simple approach will be in taking a cold backup to tape.

These are my mount points…….


Atul Kumar says June 5, 2007

Shutdown application tier and database.

Identity mount point where your application tier and database tier files including data files exists and copy them to tape using tape libbary commands.

Anonymous says June 7, 2007

Thanks for the expertise

Anonymous says September 9, 2007

going into single user mode also helps… AD

Tanupriya says January 22, 2009

I am new to apps DBA world. can you tell me why and when we need autocongif??

Atul Kumar says January 22, 2009

Autoconfig reconfigures your system (configuration file) from context file (xml).

when we need autocongif?
If you modify any configuration or if patch suggest to run autoconfig.

If you are new my suggestion is to join forum

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Jagannadha Ganti says March 28, 2011

Hi Atul- We’ve generated BR100 in XML format from R12 Test instance. Now we want to load these configs from XML into a new vanilla R12 instance. Is there a tool to load the configs from XML files? If not how can the configs be loaded from one instance to another?
Let me know your thoughts.
Jagannadha Ganti

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