Unwrapping XML , Context File or Autoconfig configuration file

Yesterday I discussed about Autoconfig & way to execute it on DB Tier & Application Tier on Oracle Applications 11i.

By now you might be aware that parameters used to configure oracle Applications 11i are stored in XML file of format SID_HOSTNAME.xml in $APPL_TOP/admin directory. I have seen that most of Apps DBA’s are scared of executing Autoconfig or Context file (Believe me even I was in start that was way back in 2004) but if you know parameters associated with context file & if you are sure that its set correctly set you should not be worried about executing Autoconfig ( Even still you are not convinced take a back up of File System & execute it ).

I am going to discuss how well this xml file is configured & what are different tags in xml file & few important tags which will be helpful to you in understanding your oracle Applications from Apps DBA perspective .

So xml file also called as context file or autoconfig configuration file stores configuration in these main tags for Application Tier

oa_context : For Start of Context file & context related information
oa_system : System related information under this there are further sections which I’ll discuss in next post
oa_host : Information specific to local hosts like users, groups, Apps User, Groups..
oa_install : Installation related information like type of FS, Installation Location
oa_environments : environment specific information this tag has further subsections
oa_processes : this section is related to processes for forms, apache, reports, cm i.e. for all services
oa_custom : This section contain any custom setting (If any)
I’ll explain subsections under this main section in my coming posts & few important parameters

Similar broad section you will see in Database XML files as well but different sub section & different tags under that specific to database .
Few Important tags in XML file ….
How to preserve customizations from Autoconfig …
How to create or edit Autoconfig XML file …
Coming in future posts

I have huge pile up of mails so If I haven’t responded to your mail yet, thanks for your patience I’ll surely try to respond during this weekend on FCFS basis.
Send me feedback & things you want to hear from me.

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Arunkumar says October 6, 2006

Atul, Nice post. Small typo i guess. It should be SID_HOSTNAME.xml and not the other way.

Atul Kumar says October 6, 2006

Thanks arun,
Yes you are right , its SID_HOSTNAME.xml.

Corrected now .



ankit says January 11, 2007

can u please explain hw to edit the xml file…i mean is there any editor to be used for this purpose…..

Atul Kumar says January 11, 2007

You can use vi for linux/unix or wordpad or notepad for windows

fouadbandarkar says January 13, 2007

Hi Atul,
I was cloning a DEV Instance from TEST. The Database side is on a different server from TEST while the Application side is on the same server as the Application side of TEST.

The Database is up and running for DEV, However the Application is not coming up after I ran the adcfgclone.pl script.

It says that :
Skipping the starting of services.
INFO : Rapid Clone completed successfully , but the AutoConfig run recorded some errors.
Please review the AutoConfig section in the logfile. If required, you can re-run adcfgclone.pl Once Autoconfig issue is fixed , you can start services.

And the autoconfig log recorded an error that said:
AutoConfig could not successfully execute the following scripts:
adadmat.pl INSTE8_APPLY 256
txkGenExtSecConf.pl INSTE8_APPLY 1
AutoConfig is exiting with status 46.

Please help me out to fix this issue …

Thanks and Regards,
FOuad Bandarkar.

Atul Kumar says January 13, 2007

Bandarkar ,
You can raise any issues in forum at http://teachMeOracle.com/forum

arun says February 2, 2007

Dear Atul,
This is Arun Velicheti from HYD.could you plz explain the difference between Log , OUT and the X_(difference files that we get after executing adchkcfg.sh).
And also plz let me know about the zone , OUT and the X_(difference files that we get after executing adchkcfg.sh).
And also plz let me know about the zpne properties file also.

Atul Kumar says February 7, 2007

Feel free to raise any questions/doubts at forum dedicated to apps dba’s http://teachMeOracle.com/forum and Guys there will be able to help you

Anonymous says August 7, 2007

Hi Atul,
What are autoconfig parameter which are important for RAC and multinode environment ?


EIjaz says January 13, 2009

Dear Ataul,

I Create Custom Report and Rigester in Application and run using concurrnet MGR report completed normal and view output in text fine.

But if i use in PDF format report out put get some junk data.
Point here how to make custom report in R12 to outout view in PDF.

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