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If you are reading Autoconfig post on this site read my previous post to understand about Autoconfig

Autoconfig Basics
Unwrapping Autoconfig Config file, XML file or Context File
Autoconfig Questions on My Site

Now lets understand how Autoconfig populate/creates files , In order to understand whole process you as apps dba need to understand template files under each product top or tech stack directory in oracle Applications 11i.

These template directory are under each top as well as under $FND_TOP/admin/template . In order to explain here I am taking example on how Apache (Oracle Web Server) related files are created when you run Autoconfig.

If you go to $FND_TOP/admin/template directory, all template files related to iAS ORACLE HOME like http.conf , jserv.conf, .. are stored in this their respective directories under template directory.

So template file to create httpd.conf is stored in $FND_TOP/admin/template
similarly template file for jserv.conf will be in

In these directories you will see file like httpd.conf or jserv.conf with parameter like
ApJServGroup OACoreGroup 1 1 %s_weboh_oh%/Apache/Jserv/etc/ (in jserv.conf under template directory)
ServerAdmin applmgr@%s_domainname% ( in httpd.conf under template directory)

Now when Autoconfig executes , its picks up these files & replaces parameters like
%s_weboh_oh% & %s_domainname% from Autoconfig Configuration File i.e. Context file or XML file of format SID_HOSTNAME.xml (Discussed in previous post)

So in my case for vision instance in xml file has these values
s_weboh_oh is /u01/applmgr/VIS11i/ora9/iAS
s_domainname is

that’s how all my configuration files are created on execution of Autoconfig .
Now there is one issue on executing Autoconfig file i.e. If you have put in some customization in any of these files it will be overwritten by Autoconfig.

How to preserve customization …
important parameter/tags in xml context file
How to change Hostname or Domain name of Apps Server
Coming in future posts ….

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Anonymous says October 9, 2006

Hi Atul,
What is the difference between template files (eg, httpd.conf) in these locations?

FND_TOP/admin/template and
IAS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/template/Apache/Apache/conf ?

Autoconfig uses the template file under FND_TOP/admin/template and not the one under IAS_ORACLE_HOME.

Atul Kumar says October 9, 2006

Hi Anonymous User,
Thanks for pointing this Out . There is no httpd.conf or jserv.conf in localtion $FND_TOP/admin/template infact there you have jserv_ux.conf jserv_nt.conf or httpd_ux.conf or httpd_nt.conf and these files will be used to create template file itself under IAS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/template/Apache/Apache/

based on O.S. nt ot unix .

Do let me know if you think otherwise then I ‘ll look further


Arunkumar says October 9, 2006

Hi Atul,
Not sure how i commented as anonymous in my previous comment.

Anyway, when autoconfig runs, it picks up the driver file (FND_TOP/admin/driver/fndtmpl.drv), gets to know the list of template files and its locations…

line from fndtmpl.drv

fnd admin/template httpd_ux_ias1022.conf INSTE8 s_iASconfig_home/Apache/Apache/conf httpd.conf

From here, it picks up template file “httpd_ux_ias1022.conf” and values from context file (SID_HOSTNAME.xml) and creates a configuration file under s_iASconfig_home/Apache/Apache/conf httpd.conf

My question is : what is the new template file under $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/template/Apache/Apache/conf
for and where it is used ?


Atul Kumar says October 9, 2006

Hey Arun,
Nice to see your comments, its really nice to see some good comments which might be helpful to others as well. I ‘ll dig it more on how this all working . I know its quite tough to track as things are changing drastically in Apps.

Your inputs are really valuable & will in unwrapping Autoconfig . Let me open script & do R&D in a day or two .

Need your valuable inputs in other posts as well , as & when you get time .


Arunkumar says October 9, 2006

Not a problem. You have a good cause and i am helping. Its a mutual knowledge sharing exercise ūüôā

Coming to the point, you had mentioned httpd.conf is created based on the template under IAS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil…

However,this is not the case.

Always, Autoconfig uses the template files under $PROD_TOP/admin/template
in this case FND_TOP/admin/template.

You can cross check this by executing
This script tells which template file is picked to create a configuration file when u run autoconfig (good script uh..)

Syntax is contextfile={location of your xml file} target=$IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf/httpd.conf

Check the logfile and you will see where exactly it has picked the template from.

Lets continue to dig whats the template file under IAS_ORACLE_HOME used for. Maybe other readers might have an answer !!


Anonymous says December 28, 2006

Hi Atul,

How to preseve customizations while executing autoconfig.

can u plz list the steps so it will be useful mainly for beginners like me.


Atul Kumar says December 28, 2006

Hi ,
I’ll take it up in first week of Jan 07..

Atul Kumar

Anonymous says January 22, 2007

Hi Atul,

How to preseve customizations while executing autoconfig.

can u plz list the steps so it will be useful mainly for beginners like me.


Atul Kumar says January 22, 2007

For preserving customizations you can use Begin Customization & end Customizations or enter those values in template files.


Sibrand says January 24, 2007

This post might come a bit late and may have been placed somewhere else by now.
In the FND_TOP/admin/template directory you can make a directory called custom. copy the template file you wish to modify into this directory. Edit the template file in your custom directory and run autoconfig. You can also seen metalinnk note: 165195.1 for more information.

Atul Kumar says January 24, 2007

Nice one sibrand

ashok says February 19, 2007

Hi Atul,

As per Arun autoconfig will use $FND_TOP/admin/template

And as you posted earlier you are saying $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/template/Apache/Apache

Please can you be clear on this and give a exact template location which autoconfig uses.


ashok says February 19, 2007

Hi Atul/Arun,

When autoconfig uses $FND_TOP/template files then what is the usage of $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/template/Apache/Apache template files.

Please let us know the exact usage of these files.


Atul Kumar says February 19, 2007

Use to find out which templetate file any configuration file is using

for example to find appsweb_$CONTEXT_NAME.cfg template file run below

$AD_TOP/bin/ contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE target=$COMMON_TOP/html/bin/appsweb_$CONTEXT_NAME.cfg

Else chweck metalink Note # 270519.1 Customizing an AutoConfig Environment

Mentioned in good metalink notes list at

I’ll try to find out reason for two template files for same configuration

Dinesh Reddy says September 17, 2007

According to my knowledge it will pick from the $FND_TOP/admin/template but as Ashok words iam also in a diloma
Once tell us which one need it will take

Dinesh Reddy

Atul Kumar says September 17, 2007

To find template file associated with any configuration file

AD_TOP/bin/ contextfile=CONTEXT_target=configurationfile

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satish says August 8, 2014

Hi Atul

please let me know where u have explained about cloning

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