Fusion Middleware / 10g Application Server Overview

Industry has started talking about Fusion Middleware & Oracle recently certified 10g Application Server (Portal 10.1.4) with Oracle E-Business Suite so I am discussing overview of Application Server part of Fusion Middleware Family.

Overview of 10g Application Server
10g Application Server Consist of Infrastructure Tier & Middle Tier

What is Infrastructure Tier ?
Infrastructure Tier provides Infrastructure Services to 10g Application Server & consist of following technical components
Database -> To Store User/Applications Identity Data (Portal,Wireless,OID data)
OID -> Oracle Internet Directory, to store User Credentials, Schema passwords, Application details & lot more …
HTTP Server -> This Web Server (OHS, Oracle HTTP Server) on Infra Tier is used to access SSO (Single Sign-On Server) & OIDDAS (OID Delegated Administrative Services)
OC4J -> Oracle Container for J2EE (OC4J_Security for SSO), You have additional OC4J_OCA if you have OCA (Oracle Certifying Autority). OCA is Optional component in Infrastructure Tier

What is Middle Tier ?
Middle Tier is tier where application Server & applications logic resides. It consist of following Technical Components
HTTP Server -> This OHS (Oracle HTTP Server) is separate from above OHS & this is OHS from where users access application Server like portal, wireless, j2ee
OC4J -> These are container which provide place holder for j2ee or web applications . Applications are deployed on OC4J’s. 10g AS comes with default OC4J name “home“, you create more OC4J depending on your requirement
Web Cache -> Web Cache acts as cache for fast response to web server.

Logical Services for Infrastructure Tier
Above was technical components of Infrastructure Tier , Logically Infrastructure Tier consist of Two main categories which are
Identity Management
Metadata Repository

What is Metadata Repository ?
MR is similar to Database Metadata & MR you can further classify as
Metadata repository for Products (Like Portal, Wireless, BI) This MR usually is user data. Lets assume I created some pages, documents in Portal or User entered some data in any application , such data when stored in database is called as Product MR
MR for OID – Oracle Internet Directory contain some data & data related to this , one can classify as MR for IM (as OID is part of Identity Management – discussed later)
MR for SSO – Oracle Single Sign-On data & schema definitions , one can classify as MR for IM (as SSO is part of IM)

So broadly there are three kind of MR (that’s how I classify MR)

What is Identity Management ?
Logical Grouping of Services which help in Managing Identity is called as Identity Management.
Identity management Consist of following Services like (Discussed later in Detail)
OID Oracle Internet Directory
DAS Delegated Administrative Services
DIP Directory Integration & Provisioning Services
SSO Single Sign-On Service
OCA Oracle Certifying Authority

Explanation of these Services, why they are required & one example of all these services ..
Plus how to Install 10g Application Server , Where to find Document …..
Coming in Future Posts…

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Anonymous says June 8, 2007

It would be appreciated if you share oracle app serer OC4J…
have a nice dat

Atul Kumar says June 8, 2007

Sure, I will try to cover OC4J soon, which is component of application server (Though you can install it standalone version as well)

Anonymous says June 9, 2007

Thanks for your reply..
ya i have installed OC4J and i will try to deply some application on this..
but i am in confusion between terms like oracle app server and Oc4j…whether oc4j is a component in app server?
if yes what would be its functionality..

Thanks in advance..

Atul Kumar says June 9, 2007

Yes OC4J is component in Apps Server and used to run application deployed on that OC4J

Anonymous says June 10, 2007

but generally we will deploy our application into application server..
as oc4j is a component of applicaion server.whats its role in that..

As per my understanding,onb oc4j we can run different types of applications like container..

correct me if iam wrong..plz explain it in your words..

Anonymous says July 23, 2007

Hi Atul,
I am new to Oracle Application Server environment. Please advice me if I am wrong ..
I have an environment to be upgraded. It’s running on Oracle Apps server with a seeded metadata repository database and portal version 10.1.4. I want to upgrade the database to and Apps Server to Right now MR and IM are in the same oracle home. After upgrading the database server I have a new oracle home(, where I don’t have the identity management components. Should I do an upgrade on the IM also in this case?

Atul Kumar says July 23, 2007

First install database in seprate oracle_home for database and upgarde database in new oracle_home now apply patch OAS patch in existing Infra tier and Middle Tier .

after upgarde you will have three oracle_home’s for MR & IM database for IM (OID, SSO) binaries for middle tier binaries

Anonymous says August 9, 2007

Thanks for your reply..
I have already applied the on MT, without applying on IM.
Can I apply the on IM now?
Will this be an issue later, if I keep the IM in itself?

Anonymous says August 23, 2007

What Edition of Oracle Application Server comes with E-business suite 11i. Is it the enterprise edition? Can the Oracle Application Server “Java Edition” work with E-business Suite 11i ?


Atul Kumar says August 23, 2007

Sathmika, with 11i oracle ship 9iAS i.e. version for web server and 8.0.6 for developer.

Can you elaborate why you need info related to Java Edition or EE so that I can answer your question accordingly ?

Anonymous says August 29, 2007


We have our Apps setup in multi-node environment and one of the nodes serve our external users (DMZ setup). On that server we run only Apache Server (and not forms/reports servers). My questions is, for that server can we install a lighter weight Application Server rather than the entire IAS_ORACLE_HOME and still be able to run Applications.

Oracle comes with multiple version of AS and one of that is the Java Edition. Can we use that Java Edition AS to serve E-Business Suite users (or does it have to be a clone of an rapid installed IAS_ORACLE_HOME).

Thanks for your time Atul.

Atul Kumar says August 29, 2007

Supported & Certified way is that it should be clone of rapid installed IAS_ORACLE_HOME .

IDREES says February 27, 2008

Can i get help for my oc4j, After installation of 1gAS opmnctl status show oc4j-bi-forms alive. after configuration it is opmn status shows down. Can i get solution for this.

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