Installing 10g Application Server / Fusion Middleware

Yesterday I discussed about Overview of 10g Application Server (Fusion middleware), If you missed that post you can now check it at

If you don’t understand what is OID, OIDDAS, DIP, SSO, MR or any other component at this minute don’t worry . I’ll discuss about them in future in detail.

Overview of 10g Application Server Installation

— infrastructure & Middle Tier Should (MUST) be isntalled under separate Oracle Homes. Though they can be on Same Physical Machine or on different Machines
— First you have to install Infrastructure Tier then only you can install Middle Tier
— You can install Portal/Wireless or IM Repository in an existing database (Choose RepCA, Repository Creation Assistance tool for this option. If you are new to 10g AS skip this for time being as this is optional feature)
— Before Installation, Make sure all prereq. are complete (Check installation Document mentioned at bottom of this page)
— You can use for software or use link (Choose right version, suggestion if this is Test as E-Business Suite is certified with Portal Version 10.1.4 )
— For Portal 10.1.4 , you need & then Upgrade portal to 10.1.4 (P.S. Portal version is different than Application Server Version)

Options in Installation

While Installing Infrastructure Tier, you will get three options
– Identity Management & Metadata Repository
– Identity Management only
– Metadata Repository only
If you are new select option 1 i.e. IM+MR as option 2 & 3 are for advanced configuration like Infrastructure on Multiple Machines

While Installing Middle Tier, you will again get three options
– J2ee & Webcache
– Portal & Wireless
– Business Intelligence & Forms

BI & Form type Installation include first two options so this selection will include all J2ee, Webcache, Portal, Wireless, BI & Forms

Portal & Wireless include first option so this selection will include J2ee, Webcache, Portal, Wireless

J2ee & Webcache will install only j2ee & webcache. So if you are not aware of at this minute what you want better select option three i.e. Business Intelligence & Forms

Installation Document mentioned below should be enough, if not leave comments & I’ll post step by step installation of 10g Application Server.

It takes 5-6 hours installing 10g AS depending on your Server Capacity.

Installation Document
Installation Document from oracle for Application Server version is available at . Select as per your Operating System

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Gus says March 7, 2007


I’m actually a mainline Oracle DBA as opposed to an Apps DBA, but I’m trying to adapt … Now I’ve got a task that’s outside my core competency and could use a pointer to a recipe for getting a regular oracle database and enough of an Apps server to run OID on the same Sun 490 host.

Can you make a suggestion? Previous experience trying to make the two products play nice in the same sandbox have been “less than satisfactory”.

Fond regards,


Atul Kumar says March 10, 2007

Gus ,
They can coexist but in different oracle_home on same server pretty well (You need to check on performance if site is going to be used very heavily) . Implementation wise I never faced any issues

Anonymous says March 20, 2007

Hi Atul,

I have a question, I just upgraded our test 11i database (9i) to 10g (10.2), as a part of that upgraded forms, reports, graphics to patchset 18. Now planning to install 10giAS on appsTier on which forms, Apache and discoverer running. If I install 10giAS in differnet home, how can I get that in to appsTier?, does it mean adapcctl script no longer be used to start webservices?. I haven’t done this before, if my question is stupid, please ignore :).


Atul Kumar says March 21, 2007

You have to use opmnctl script to start stop services once you configure 10g AS with Apps. After installing 10g AS in seprate home , you have to do additional configuration steps with Apps 11i. Check configuring 10g AS with Apps 11i doc in metalink.

10g AS is default as in R12 and scripts to start / stop there are adopmnctl which is ad wrapper over opmnctl


Anonymous says March 21, 2007

Hi Atul,

Thanks for the infromation, I found a document 233436.1 Installing 10gAS with E-business suite.


akshay says June 7, 2007

Hi Atul,

I have a RAC enviroment having 2 instance with 10g database.

i have to install 10g application server on two window-2003 servers i.e on on server J2EE & Web cache and on another server all other components.

how to proceed,do i have to install infra on both server? after that what steps to be followed?

Thanks in Advance

Atul Kumar says June 7, 2007

No required if you don’t want HA for infra tier you can just install infra tier on one of node and use RAC dataabse as Repository for Infra Tier and as well content database.

Anonymous says August 14, 2007

Hi Atul,

I need steps for upgarding Discoverer from 4i to 10g i seen lots of Doc for this but i didn’t find step by step info one doc is reffaring to other can u plz give me steps for upgarding from 4i to 10g for discoverer as we are using application release

Thanks, Rgds
Mohd Khaja

Atul Kumar says August 14, 2007

Checking metalink note

313418.1 Using Discoverer 10.1.2 with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i

Nadir says February 1, 2008

Hi Atul

I am using R12. i have to load a text file from client side. The problem is when i use webutil utility R12 doesnot register my form. how can i overcome this problem.

Please reply


satish says February 23, 2008

i have a problem i had install form builder but when im running it a error ORA-12203:TNS:UNABLE to connect to destination so i have to install tns admin kindily provide its on line add to install it now only

jblancx says October 30, 2008

hallo atul,
pls how can i install Oracle Application Server 10g release 10.1.2 with Forms Services on SUSE Enterprise Server 10g. What packages and configurations will i need to do.
Thanks for your help.

sukhvinder singh says December 5, 2008

hai Atul

how r u?

Plz. tell me,how can i install oracle application server 10g rel 3 (10.1.3) on windows 2008 server standard edition.
please reply me soon.


Atul Kumar says December 5, 2008

10g R3 installation on windows is simple .
There are various version of this

1. simple j2ee server with web & opmn
2. SOA suite (you can install with XE database install automatically)
3. Webcenter suite

Which one you want ?

Download software from here

sathyguy says May 17, 2009

Dear Atul,
our aim is to change our client/server tech. to web enabled.

According to my study in google and in oracle forums……
DB: oracle database 10g
In this server what security softwares i have to install?
What else i have to install in server1?

OAS: Oracle Application Server (which version to install?)
In oracle application server what are all the components i have to select while installing
In this server what security softwares i have to install?
what else i have to install in server2?

Do i need anyother server? if yes, what i should install in that server? what is for?
is 3 tier is best or 4 tier?

Anand says July 9, 2009

Hi Atul,

Could you please tell me the metalink note for installing Discoverer 10.1.2(Application Server 10g) on RHEL 5.2 (tekanga).


Sanjeev Nanda says November 25, 2009

Hi Atul,
Can you tell me
After installion of Oracle Application Server 10g release 10.1.2,what are the minimum conf we have to do.and sequence of configuration.what steps to be followed?



Atul Kumar says November 25, 2009

@ Sanjeev,
As such there is no configuration requirement after OAS 10g installation unless you have any specific requirement (which you need to check with you project management or technical architect)

Dinu says June 7, 2010

hi atul
I installed Oracle 10g application server , installation was also successful in basic mode, but when i tried opening the console its not getting opened. please tell me hoe to resolve the problem

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mohd javed says March 28, 2011

Please help me

I have install oracle 10g application server & another machine oracle & forms developer i want to run the application using application server how to run it.I am not able to run it & it has not taken any run time exe to run application .

Sampath says November 10, 2011

Hi Atul,

What are the content Database versions available in 11g release ?

can you please tell me where i can get this information.

vishal says January 18, 2012

hi i m installing oracle application server 10g on redhat 4 n i m getting this error:-

[oraapp@swift install]$ ./
./ line 2: cd: /oui/bin/linux: No such file or directory
./ line 3: 7402 Segmentation fault ./runInstaller $*
can u help me out in this ?

Atul Kumar says January 20, 2012

@ Vishal,
Run this and update output

bash -x ./runInstaller

Ensure that software is correct and not corrupt (during download)

Nagaraj says July 18, 2015

Hi Atul,
Please tell me the installation of ssl certificates in weblogic.

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