Oracle Applications R 12 Release date announced

Much awaited release of Next Oracle Applications (after 11i) / E-Business Suite has been announced by Oracle Click Here for more details . As per Schedule Oracle is releasing Apps R 12 on Jan 31, 2007 .

The key Technology changes as per Steven Chan’s update & slides from Ivo Dujmovic presented during Oracle Open World are —

On Middle Tier
–Application Server version will change to 10g Application Server i.e. 10.1.3.X
–mod_jserv will be replaced by mod_oc4j
–Apache which is part of Application Server mentioned above will be changed from version 1.3.19 to 1.3.34
— Biggest change will be in long running Forms & Reports Version 6i (8.0.6) to Forms & Reports Version 10g i.e. 10.1.2.X
— Java/ JDK version 1.3.X or 1.4.X will be replaced by JDK 1.5.X

On File System
There will still be three ORACLE_HOME , one for Web Server another for Forms & Reports & third one for Database but with New versions i.e. 10g AS for Web Server, 10g AS for forms & reports , 10g R2 for database

There will be new TOP called as Instance TOP (more coming on this in future posts)

There will be new concept called Instance Home V/S Source Home which I will cover in my coming posts.

This is Just an overview of Release 12 , I’ll be covering Inside views , new Features, Advantages of new features & upgrade path for Oracle Apps 12.

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