Oracle R12 Upgrade from 11i and Database Versions

As promised in past , here is some information on R12 Upgrade process. This Upgrade post revolves around Database version with Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite)

Key points to note in Oracle Apps R12 upgrade from 11i
— R 12 upgrade process involve replacing 11i Tech stack (9iAS & 806) to Fusion Middleware (10g Application Server)
— Basic upgrade process involves Rapid Install & Autopatch
— Rapid Install involves installing new R12 tech stack as mentioned in first point
— Auto patch process involves upgrading E-Business Suite database compatible to R12 (Data Model)
— Final upgrade process is of updating data model using enhanced version of AutoPatch
— Minimum version from which you can upgrade to R12 is 11.5.7 and higher
— Minimum database version from which you can upgrade to R12 is 9i
so if your database is still 8i or <>
— Database must be before or during upgrade process & prior to running AutoPatch which will upgrade datamodel to R12
As per Oracle R12 Upgrade Documentation, Apps 11i Instance is classified in Two Categories based on Apps & DB Version
Category 1 – 11.5.7, 11.5.8, 11.5.9 (CU1), 11.5.10 (CU1)
Category 2 – 11.5.9 (CU2), 11.5.10 (CU2) or
For Category 1 , database should be upgraded during R12 upgrade process (Downtime for R12 upgrade process will be more as this involve database upgrade as well) but for Category 2 Database can be upgraded before R12 upgrade .
Why can’t I upgrade database to before for category 1 ?
This is because there is no Interoperability patch for above release & was supported for 11.5.9 (CU2) & 11.5.10(CU2) only . (Wish I could be on 😉 )
What are advantages of Upgrading database to before R12 upgrade ?Downtime can be broken down to two small downtimes (one for Database upgrade another one for R12 upgrade) and can be achieved during weekends or long weekends (depending on your system & resources)Various upgrade paths (mainly 3) revolves around application version & database version (mainly on database version).Path A for apps R12 Upgrade :
These are for instances where database is not 10.2 & DB is upgraded during R12 Upgrade
Install the R12 Technology Stack and Oracle home
Upgrade the Database to
Perform Database Steps
Complete the R12 upgrade
Path B for apps R12 Upgrade :
These are for instances & and database is 10.2
Install the R12 Technology Stack and Oracle home
Perform Database Steps
Complete the R12 upgrade
Path C for apps R12 Upgrade :
These are for instances & and database is NOT 10.2, Here upgrade database first to 10.2.
Upgrade database to
Use 11i with DB & then in next downtime window
Perform Database Steps
Complete the R12 upgrade

Related :
For full Steps follow metalink Note # 403339.1 Oracle 10gR2 Database Preparation Guidelines for an E-Business Suite Release 12 Upgrade

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fhasweh says January 25, 2007

good post,

drop me a line at my friend.


bhavesh says February 2, 2007

Before Upgrading to release 12, one has to upgrade to…Is this correct?

Atul Kumar says February 2, 2007

No Bhavesh,
As long as you are 11.5.7 or higher you can upgarde to R12

Firas says February 15, 2007

Hi Atul,

Very useful information.
Are you going to post any info regarding the installation of a fresh R12? Are there major differences between installation of prior versions and R12 ( Rapid install process, ..etc).


Atul Kumar says February 15, 2007

Yes I am going to put fresh install steps on R12 as son as I have my VMWare ready with Linux.

There are few changes (enhancement) in install which I am going to cover after / before r12 install post


neto says April 16, 2007

Hi Atul,
There two major new features with release 12:
– eBusiness Tax (old tax codes)
– Subledger accounting (old AX)
Can you tell us if the upgrade process take those two features?

shekhar says June 11, 2007

Hi Atul,
We r in process of upgrading oracle apps to release 12.
I want to know what are the major functional changes(in AR,AP,GL & HRMS modules) in terms of Business Processing between versions and R12.

Oracle Apps DBA

shekhar says June 11, 2007

we are in the process of upgrading oracle apps to Release 12.
I want to know what are the major changes in AP,AR,GL & HRMS modules in terms of Business Processing between versions & R12.

m.Gobi says July 31, 2007

hi Atul,

i am a APPS DBA , We are planing to do the upgrade and migration from (hpux to itanium) from 11.5.7 to R12.
can u please check the following steps and suggest me, i had earlier done the upgrade from with in hpux it works fine
but in this case we need to migrate to itanium, and currently the migration note is not available for R12 , i had changed a
small step to skip the migration , instead of installing the R12 with upgrade option on hpux , i am planning to install the
R12 with upgrade option on the Itanium and then move the datafile to itanium and first complete the DB upgrade using the
newli created 10g binaries from the R12 upgrade option installation.

and then upgrading the application on the itanium it self

below i had given the detailed step please suggest me whether this step will work ?

Current Env

server : hpux
apps : 11.5.7
Rdbms : 8.1.7

Proposed Env
server : hp Itanium
apps : R12
Rdbms : 10gR2 (10.2.0)

11.5.7 to R12 upgrade and migrating the OS

1. Perform the pre-request for upgrade on the source instance which is 11.5.7 on (hpux),

I Pre-Update Tasks on the source hpux machine

1. Apply 11i.AD.I on 11.5.7 on hpux

2. Apply TUMS Patch

3. Generating the TUMS Report

4. Convert MultiOrg

5. Run AD preparation scripts (required)

6. Gather schema statistics for CBO (required)

II Prepare for the Upgrade – perform the step on the new hp itanium server (target)

Run Rapid Install (required) for R12 with upgrade option

“start Rapid Install by typing rapidwiz

>> select Upgrade to Oracle Applications Release 12. Click Next.

>>> On the Select Upgrade Action screen, select Create Upgrade File System.”

And now we need to migrate the data files of the old 8.1.7 to the new server

clarify me whether the datafiles of hpux and itanium are compactable with each other. so that
a simple copy will work

or any specific migration is needed

And now upgrade the datafiles to 10g using the new 10g binaries created rapid install upgrade opt

so now the database will be both upgraded and migrated to 10g on itanium server


now we can perform the R12 applciation upgrade on the new itanium server

Upgrading to Release 12

1. Drop MRC schema (conditional) on the upgraded db

2. Ensure that Maintenance Mode is enabled (required)

3. Apply Release 12 AD minipack (required)

4. Run the American English upgrade patch driver (required)

IV Finish the Upgrade on the target itanium instance

1.. Configure and start server processes (required)

2. Run the Autoconfig on the dbTier

3. Run Rapid Install with upgrade option

please suggest that this will work or not, if works then check any other steps has to be added


Atul Kumar says July 31, 2007

Kindly raise doubts/questions in forum at

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