1Z0-312 OAS 10g Administrator OCP

Oracle University has recently announced Oracle Certified Professional (1Z0-312) track for 10g Application Server Administrator, you can check details at 10g Application Certification Track . This exam is in Beta phase right now (1Z1-312)

For Oracle Certified Associate (1Z0-311) 10g Application Server Administrator track which is prereq. for OCP click here . My previous post with references to books related to 1Z0-311 can be found at http://becomeappsdba.blogspot.com/2006/12/oracle-certification-oca-1z0-311.html

Exam topic for 1Z0-312, Oracle Certified Professional for 10g Application Server Administrator track are (I will be covering one exam topic per post in my coming posts)

Managing Customized Oracle Application Server Topologies
Cloning and Staging Oracle Application Server
–Distributing Oracle Application Server Infrastructure Components
–Oracle Application Server High Availability Solutions
–Configuring and Managing OracleAS Cluster (Web Cache)
–Configuring and Managing OracleAS Cluster (OC4J)
–Configuring OracleAS Cold Failover Cluster (Middle-Tier)
–Configuring OracleAS Cold Failover Cluster (Infrastructure)
–Administering OracleBI Discoverer in Oracle Application Server
–Administering Oracle Reports in Oracle Application Server
–Administering Forms Applications in Oracle Application Server
–Monitoring Oracle Application Server
–Tuning the Oracle Application Server Middle Tier
–Reconfiguring Middle-Tier Instances
–Installing and Configuring OracleAS Cluster (Identity Management)
–Oracle Application Server Disaster Recovery

Stay tuned for learning these topics ….

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Anonymous says May 15, 2007


I am wokring on Oracle Application server 10g r2.
I enabled the trace of the user session but when i want to open “trace log file ” i got windows pop formweb and it asked me for a login and password.
I put the oracle/password login it does work i put ias_admin/password it does not work as well.

Ma question is what user and password i have to put on in order to have access to the trace log file.

thansk in advance

Atul Kumar says May 17, 2007

Check from back end , else tell me screenshot on how you are tarce logs checking form frontend

sivaMovva says June 1, 2007

hi atul,

i hav problem starting the services on the admin node . the adaln script is quitting giving status 1

by cheking the log its saying destination host unreachable

i tried to run adadmin even tht utility is not working hw can i trouble shoot this issue

thanks in advance


lulul says January 21, 2009

hi Atul

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