Oracle Apps R12 Forms : Servlet or Socket

Default Forms connection mode in Oracle Applications R12 is “SERVLET” where as in Oracle Apps 11i default form connect mode is “SOCKET” So

What is difference between socket and servlet mode in Forms ?
What are advantages and disadvantages of each ?
Can we change default R12 forms mode from servlet to Socket ?

Oracle Form Servlet Overview in apps R12

i) In this mode, Java servlet handles communication between forms client(java based) and Oracle Forms Service (10g).

ii) All connection is via HTTP Server so there is no need to start form server and no need to open form server port on firewall between client machine and application tier.

iii) More secure as compared to Forms Socket Mode.

iv) Network traffic is more as HTTP protocol is more chatty so little bit network bandwidth hungry when compared with SOCKET mode

v) No additional certificate requirement during SSL implementation for application tier, single certificate will handle both forms & web connection.

How to change from default Servlet mode (in apps R12) to Socket mode ?

Refer to Oracle Metalink Note # 384241.1 Using Forms Socket Mode with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12

Are there any network overheads of using Forms in Servlet Mode ?

Note # 311091.1 Understanding the Network Overhead Of Forms Servlet Listener Architecture Compared to Forms Server, covers some interesting points w.r.t. network traffic

Advantage & Disadvantages of Forms Servlet Mode

— Simple SSL Configuration (as no separate ssl configuration is required for Forms as connections are via web/http server)

— No port need to open to access forms in firewall

— More secure method of deployment over Internet

— Result in more network traffic because of HTTP is more chatty than socket (dedicated) so not preferred in WAN implementation.

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Oracle Forms Listener Servlet for deployment of Forms on Internet
Question to readers ….

How will you identify if you are using Forms in Socket or Servlet mode in Oracle Applications 11i or R12 ? (leave your comments )

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WINFO says July 5, 2007

From Java Console,we can able to identify while we are logging in EBS Applications.
Regards, Velu

Atul Kumar says July 5, 2007

Thanks Velu, Still want to hear from other users, which files can confirm that forms are in Socket or Servlet mode

Anonymous says August 8, 2007

In the context file, unde OA variable, ‘frmConnectMode’? – Thanks, Vanitha.

Vanitha says August 8, 2007

In the context file, unde OA variable, ‘frmConnectMode’? – Thanks, Vanitha.

Atul Kumar says August 8, 2007

Thanks Vanitha

Vanitha says August 9, 2007

Atul, Would be helpful, if you confirm if the reply was correct. -Thanks, Vanitha Sivakumar.

Atul Kumar says August 13, 2007


In xml file parameter is

s_forms_servlet_serverurl If value is blank that means this is not servlet else if value is “/forms/formservlet” this indicates forms servlet.

Ravindra Dorlikar says October 8, 2007

You can find out the form are in Socket or Servlet mode in form configuration file it is in $COMMON_TOP/html/bin and the file name is “appsweb_SID_hostname.cfg”.


Atul says October 9, 2007

Thanks Ravindar Yes you are right.

If serverURL is set to /forms/formservlet then its Servlet Mode (serverURL=/forms/formservlet)
else if blank its socket (serverURL=)

Anonymous says June 11, 2008

Refer Metalink Note.438652.1,it has detailed steps required to find out the mode in which forms function (i.e socket or servlet )

Balu says December 5, 2008


We have R12 Oracle application using socket mode ..and i just want to find out who is accessing which form with the username using sql script.



Ram says December 14, 2008

select * from v$session where action like ‘FRM%’

Ram says December 14, 2008

select * from v$session where action like ‘FRM%’

matheen says May 13, 2009

what is the instance node architecture in apps 11i? please mail me…………

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Sridhar1985 says October 27, 2009

Dear Athul,

I am new to oracle forms. We are working on already deployed form application. How to forms on application server?
I need to update one fmb. Will it work if we simply override the old one.
I think i need to redeploy entire thing. Plz help me on this fmb update in deployed application.
OS is SUSE Linux

Thanks in advance

Vidhya says April 7, 2010

Hi Athul,

I have installed R12 in vmware & os linux. When I connect first time it connected to login page and I have created user, then I shutdown the machine. Now I try startup all the services and database everything is up but I’m unable to connect to the application login page it is giving “HTTP 500 internal server error”.Can you help me here what to do next?


Atul Kumar says April 10, 2010

@ Vidhya,
My personal exp with VMware is that its slow for first 20-30 minutes so wait for 30 minutes then try or check if all services (OC4J) are Up. status

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