1Z0-233 Dump or Interview Questions for Oracle Apps DBA

Here are few more Interview questions for Oracle Application DBA’s and same can be used as 1Z0-233 Install Patch and Maintain Applications dump for certification.

These question are submitted by our reader Jaya Kumar, Working as a “Oracle Apps DBA” in Chennai for “Savant Technologies” (www.savantit.com) . If you wish to share question, script or any other useful information for Apps DBA’s then send it via Contact Us page on this site or send a mail to me at atul @ onLine Apps DBA .comQ. Explain Oracle Applications architecture – Components?
    Desktop tier
    Application EBS (Forms, Reports, Concurrent Processing, Web, Admin, Disc)
Q. Find application server version ?

Q. How will you find the Apache, forms, reports version in an EBS suite?

    http –v – Apache
    f60gen – Forms
    ar60run – Reports

Q. Find jinitiator version?
    Client side – Control panel
    Server side – SID_hostname.xml (s_jinit_ver_)
Q. Whatis US directory in $AD_TOP or under various product TOP’s .
US directory is default language directory in Oracle Applications. If you have multiple language Installed in your Applications then you will see other language directories beside US, that directory will contain reports, fmx and other code in that respective directory like FR for France, AR for arabic, simplifies chinese or spanish.

Q. Whats main concurrent Manager types.
   ICM – Internal Concurrent Manager which manage concurrent Managers
   Standard Managers – Which Manage processing of requests.
  CRM – Conflict Resolution Managers , resolve conflicts in case of incompatibility.

Q. Where is Concurrent Manager log file location ?
By default standard location is $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG , in some cases it can go to $FND_TOP/log as well.

Q. List some ad utilities and their functions?
adadmin, adctrl, adpatch, adlicmgr, admrgpch, adsplice and adworker

Q. List out the modules related to oracle Apps DBA ?
 FND – Application Object Library, AU – Application Utilities, AD – Application DBA

Q. What are profile options, what are various type of profile options ?

     User, application, responsibility and site

Q. List some profile options with their function?

      ICX: Session timeout, ICX: Forms Launcher, ICX: Limit Connect

Q. How will you take the forms trace?

Q. How you put Applications 11i in Maintenance mode ?

Use adadmin to change Maintenance mode is Oracle Apps. With AD.I you need to enable maintenance mode in order to apply apps patch via adpatch utility. If you don’t want to put apps in maintenance mode you can use adpatch options=hotpatch feature.

Q. What are the different types of oracle patches available ?

  One-off, mini, diagnostics, cu, rup, language, help, platform specific, OS, OPatch,  
  Interoperability, family pack and maintenance pack.

Q. What are the different patch drivers available?
      C driver,  D driver, G driver and U driver.

Q. Explain the steps for applying apps patch and database patch ?
Q. What is autoconfig?

Q. How will you find the autoconfig is enabled?

Q. List out the following logfile locations?
      Patch log, autoconfig log, reports output, reports log and Concurrent manager log.

Q. List out the important env files?
     Appsora.env, appsSID_hostname.env, adovars.env, APPSSID_hostname

Q. How to enable diagnostics for oracle applications?
     FND: Enable Diagnostics.. Tell about RDA and its use?

Q. Describe about Discoverer Configuration and Oracle 10g AS installation ?

So start sharing information which can be useful to others like scripts, document by clicking on Contact Us form or drop me a mail at atul @ onLine Apps DBA .com

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Sarfaraz says October 10, 2007

Atul Bhaiya,

Really nice. Keep helping other apps dba’s we all with U.

S. Karim

chandrika says July 29, 2008

this is chandrika. i using adadmin to relink. but iam getting following error for particualr products .make: *** [/u02/visappl/msc/11.5.0/bin/MSCXGCAL] Error 1
Done with link of msc executable ‘MSCXGCAL’ on Thu Jul 31 12:55:15 IST 2008

Relink of module “MSCXGCAL” failed.
See error messages above (also recorded in log file) for possible
reasons for the failure. Also, please check that the Unix userid
running adrelink has read, write, and execute permissions
on the directory /u02/visappl/msc/11.5.0/bin,
and that there is sufficient space remaining on the disk partition
containing your Oracle Applications installation.

i have 755 permissions on that bin directory
please give me solution

Ragesh says July 31, 2008

I guess you would have already checked for space and the user perm for the bin directory and the executables in that bin directory…
Can’t give a solution right out but sure can try below to eliminate few of the possibilities.
– Is your Apps instance on local filesystem or NFS and If nfs was there any changes done recently on that filesystem then check with unix admin.
– If this is not the first time you have relinked this executable, see if you can find any logs which indicate if it was ever successfully relinked.
– And also check if any Plan related patches.
– Also see if is this only one execuatble which doesn’t get regenerated in the $MSC_TOP/bin or none of them gets regenerated…. if none then the problem may be some thing to do either permission of that directory[can be some setting at filesystem too] and if only with this one executable then should consider the possiblity of patch changing it…
– Also try linking the executable via command line.
Hope it helps….


shrihari says August 20, 2008

This is shrihari from Delhi(India) , u r doing very wonderful job, bcz it is very usefull for me ,not only me its for all who working as apps dba. really i have thanksfull to you.

baraniraj says October 6, 2008

i am 2008 passed out engg graduate ,now i currently working as oracle apps dba in small company without any knowledge of core dba,i had no experience in oracle .i know only oracle sql query,i am not know 9i, 10g concepts directly come to 11i, may i continue or study core dba concepts ,i am completely confused help me!

send me oracle materials

Atul says October 6, 2008

baraniraj, Learn Oracle DBA in parallel, also started my career with small company and directly as apps dba so don’t worry.

Most of stuff is here for rest http://docs.oracle.com

interview questions for junior DBA - GupShup Forums says October 27, 2008

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UD says December 16, 2008


Just want to know whether anyone had taken the Oracle Apps DBA R12 exam (1Z0-238)? I’m reading about Oracle Database exams dump and it seems to me that sometimes the question are weird. Is the Oracle Apps DBA R12 exam questions are like that too? Thank you.

Manthri Srikanth says March 6, 2009

Hi Atul,
You are doing a Wonderful job by publishing the excellent stuff on the net, by this so many are fetched for their interviews and at the job.
I am so thankful to you..

ksrao says September 12, 2010


These questions are so good. I found some
oracle sql interview questions related stuff on online for free.

Kolla Sanjeeva Rao

Su says February 15, 2011

This is very helpful post. I found another link which is very helpful too. Sharing this with u all.


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