Install Oracle Applications R12 (12i) on Unix/Linux

On request from lot of my readers I am covering Oracle Apps R12 (some guys call it 12i) installation once again.

You can check Oracle Apps R12 Installation Guide at  Oracle Applications R12 Installation Guide

I am going to cover only important points from this guide which should be enough for you to help in installing Apps on your Linux / UNIX machine.

– There are 150 Pages in this guide but you don’t have to read all of them to install Apps (but its always good to read if you have time & find it interesting)
-Chapter 1 (Page 17-36) is must read & don’t skip this chapter. This chapter covers basic requirement for installing Apps.
– Chapter 2 (Page 37-71) is for installing Oracle Apps and it covers step by step install with screenshots (hence its very easy to understand and install)

Next frequently asked question from my readers who wish to install 11i/R12 is that
Where to download software so check my previous post at  Prepare for R12 installation/

Step by Step Installation Guide of Oracle Apps R12 on VMWare
Startup/Shutdown Scripts in R12

If you are hitting any issue/problem during R12 installation or not clear about any topic in install guide mentioned above, leave a comment & I’ll try to assist you.

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Shashikant Rana says October 10, 2007

Pls send all the Ora Apps DBA module in my Id

Atul says October 10, 2007

Hi Rana,
Kindly update what do you mean by all Ora Apps DBA modules.

sketha123 says October 29, 2009


I want to install Oracle Apps R12. But i dont know how to start and which prerequsites are checking? could you pls help me on this…

what are the thing shall i check before starting installtion and where can i get complete installtion document for R12?

Atul Kumar says November 2, 2009

@ Sketha123,
Prereqs. differ as per operating system so share your o.s.

Suresh says December 2, 2010

Hi Atual, I have using oracle Apps installed in linux redhat version-4 both (11i & r12) now am getting following error,

uncomressing linux….OK booting the Kernal
BIOS bug-Legacy-Free FADT detected, but FADT size (244) is incorrect

Can you Please guide me how to resole the issue.

Thanks & Regard

Atul Kumar says December 2, 2010

@ Suresh,
This is Linux error please check with your linux system administrator

Tan says September 26, 2012

I am trying to install Oracle Apps Release 12 on Linux environment.

Oracle Virtual box running Contos 5.5 with 6GB
of memory.
Problem: The installation is so slow that it is now more then 12 hours and step 1 is not finish. I can see the Oracle/VIS folder is increasing in size. Any suggestion.

Pradeep says January 28, 2013

Hi Atul,

After refering you portal, I have installed Oracle EBs 12 on linux for testing purpose.

I have installed this with 2 user (oracle- db user and applprod-application user).

Sid name is PROD

I am not able to findout/set .bash_profile parameter for both the users.

Please provide the link or tell me what would be the parameter we need to set to operate and learn apps without any issue.



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