11g SOA / Jdeveloper / Webcenter – Technical Preview

Release 11g SOA Suite, Webcenter & Jdeveloper is now available here

Key point for 11g SOA Suite / Jdeveloper & Webcenter
— This 11g preview version include all three SOA Suite, Webcenter and Jdeveloper
— There are two version Windows Install (with jdk) & Base Install (without jdk for other O.S.)
— You need Oracle Database (express, ee) and JDK 5+ (only for linux – already included in windows version) apart from 11g Jdeveloper/SOA/Webcenter software

Download Oracle JDeveloper 11g / SOA Suite/ Webcenter

Step by Step Installation of Oracle 11g Jdeveloper/SOA/Webcenter (tech preview version) coming soon ….

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