Compilation & Deployment of BPEL Process

After designing BPEL process it goes through following stages:

Validate -> Compile -> Deploy

During Compilation following activities happens:

 BPEL process archives + Components =JAR file known as BPEL Suitcase

BPEL Suitcase consist of following files:

  • .bpel
  • .wsdl
  • .xml
  • Schemas, java file etc.

Deploying is nothing but a copying the above JAR file to deploy folder with the proper bpel domain (which we have seen in the last post)

Methods for Deployment:

Diret Deployment– In this compilation is part of deployment only and need not explicitly required. During compilation only set of JAR file is send to BPEL Server.

Compiling without Deploying– In this JAR files are kept in the output directory and then copy it to appropiate domain.

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Anonymous says February 26, 2008

Hi Amit,
Nice post !
Could you please tell us how to create a Jar file or BPEL Suitcase ?

Is there any sample BPEL Suitcase available on oracle site which we can deploy and test.

Amit says February 27, 2008


Thanks for the compliment.

BPEL suitcase can be created in Jdeveloper itself and by using command line tool JDevelopment as a process of deployment will create build.xml which is used to package and deploy BPEL process directly to BPEL Manager Server.

Will send you the sample BPEL soon.


Atul Grover says June 20, 2013

Hi Amit,
Could you please tell me the process to create jar for bpel interfaces.

In my team we have 50+ bpel interfaces with different name
like CreateAccount
Modify Account

Till now i m creating jar with Jdev but now i want to automate the same using script.Please guide me.

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