Deploying BPEL Suitcase

In the previous post we have seen how to compile and overview of deploying BPEL process. Now we will see various ways to deploy BPEL suitcase to specific domain. Just an refresh of BPEL suitcase. We know it is

BPEL process archives + Components 
Now these are the ways in which we can deploy:
Using Orcle BPEL Control:

-Log on to Oracle BPEL Control

-Click Deploy BPEL process

Using BPEL Compile

 Using bpelc utility from command line you can compile and deploy BPEL Process. The screenshot shows the creation of BPEL suitcase. By passing the parameter deploy you can deploy using this utility. 

Example: bpelc home=$HOME deploy=”domain id” input=name.xml

Using Ant Utility:

Ant utility obant can be used to deploy BPEL process. Obant is the wrapper around standard ant. You need to provide project/build file generally named as build.xml.

Usage of the utility is shown in the screenshot.


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Enio says May 27, 2009

Hi Amit,
how can I do a script using ant do deploy my BPEL process, can you help me please


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