Linux for beginners

I have recently started learning Linux. With no formal background in IT it was daunting but with help from friends and Google things are looking better. I thought it would be good idea if I compiled the web resources that I have been using and shared with newbies like me.

I started by downloading Vmware and installing the same on Windows XP based system. This can be downloaded from here. This neat piece of software allows to run various utilities inside itself, in this case LINUX. Now there are hundreds of different distros available out there. Choosing the lightest version was first priority. I went for Damn Small Linux aka DLS. This is a fully functional Linux distribution which should help us to take the first step. This can be downloaded from here.

The next step would be to run the DLS in Vmware player and once you have done this, behold you have fully functional Linux running in your XP machine. There are few other tools available for sure out there serving the same purpose but I found this method to be simplest and most straightforward.

In next posts I will write about sources that I have found useful to learn about the structure of Linux and commands. I would be thrilled to hear from you guys about your experiences.


Raman Behl

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SubbaRao says March 31, 2008

Hi Raman,

Thanks for sharing the information that what u learned. Good work keep it up.


SP says July 28, 2008

Great man….its really helped…u have some documentation..meaning to learn..please put it across

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