How to generate FRD trace

The steps I have followed :-

1. Login as oracle application user

2. Go to $FND_TOP/secure


Please check the below example :-

4. java apps/ffdev21 \AUTHENTICATION ON DBC=ffus.com_ffus.dbc
Output will be :-
AUTHENTICATION ON executed successfully – ffus.com_ffus.dbc

5. In the command prompt echo $FORMS60_TRACE_PATH
It will give you the trace path. Make sure the path is set.

6. Open internet explorer
Type the url below :-


even you can change =$FORMS60_TRACE_PATH and can have your own path but make sure that path has got read and write permission .It is advisable to have default path.

Example is below :-$FORMS60_TRACE_PATH/faoracle.frd

Now you can generate FRD trace depend upon your situation

It will generate FRD trace file in your $FORMS60_TRACE_PATH directory with the name supplied by you in URL.

After finishing the the entire task make sure that you disable the trace :-
The steps are as follows:-

Note :- It has got security issues ,so make it disable.

1.Login as oracle application user

2.Go to $FND_TOP/secure


4. java apps/ffdev21 \AUTHENTICATION OFF DBC=ffus.com_ffus.dbc
Output will be :-
AUTHENTICATION OFF executed successfully – ffus.com_ffus.dbc

Alternative Steps:

Backup and open $APPL_TOP/admin/_.xml context file

2. Update the context variable:

By default in 11.5.10, this is set to SECURE.
In previous 11i versions, this was set to OFF.
For debug purposes, you can use ON or OFF

Make it ON

3. Run Autoconfig to instantiate the change.

You should now be able to access forms directly again using the f60cgi call.

4. After you have finished your Forms debugging, please reset
s_appserverid_authentication to SECURE and re-run Autoconfig

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rahil says December 4, 2012


i have 20 forms & 30 reports developed in 6i developer version, i want to upgrade this forms & reports in to advance version (10g or 11g) in EBS.
how can i do? & which version is best to upgrade?
please give me brief knowledge or step by step methods.

Thanks in Advance

Laura says May 5, 2016

The trace form file will be located in the application sever (instace ap) / admin / log/ instance name/ ABC.log

You can search by the filename that you set in Profile: ICX: Forms Launcher

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