Oracle Apps Release 12.1 , Guess official release date ?

Any guess for Oracle Apps Release 12.1 date ?

Release date for 12.1 version is not official yet but if you are looking for new features in Oracle Applications Release 12.1 for Apps DBA’s here is my list


Technical Components in 12.1

  • Database Version with Oracle Apps 12.1 is going to be
  • Forms & Reports version
  • Web Server and Java Code –
  • JDK 6 for middle tier & Concurrent Manager nodes
  • Java Plug-in 6 for client


New Features in R12.1

  • In R12.1, AutoConfig can be run in parallel on different nodes of Apps .
  • In R12.1, new mode Profiler in AutoConfig
  • Sharing Application Tier file system among multiple EBS Suite instances (TEST, DEV, UAT)
  • Concurrent Requests and Managers can now be directed to specific database instance.

For full list first login to metalink in another windows and then click here  or check from metalink note # 561580.1


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afsar says August 25, 2008


This site is wonderful. Its very useful. Thanks for all the latest updates. You are simply superb.

Anand says April 27, 2009

R12.1.1 is getting released on 27th April 2009

Manian says May 6, 2009

12.1 released Around 04-May-2005 i think.

ramivijk says May 15, 2009

Hi Atul,

Your blogs are the best and easy to understand.

I recently installed R12.1.1 on OEL 4.7 on VMware workstation 6.5.2 successfully. I was doing a smoke testing on the modules and found some problems to start with INV.

I am having problem with viewing attributes of the Item on the Items screen (Items > Master Items , Organization Items) in Inventory.

Before the Item screen opens it is showing me as a Note saying “you must allow access to at least one attribute group”

Moreover when I open Item Attribute Controls form (Setup > Items > Attribute Controls) it’s giving me an exception saying no data found.

I have checked the Organization Access (Setup > Organizations > Organization Access) form and all the setups are correct but still why am I getting the above Note and the item attrubutes are becoming inactive.

Is there any patch or any setup that I am missing.


Manian says May 17, 2009

sorry there was type mistake on my reply.

it is not 2005 it is 2009.

ramivijk says May 21, 2009

Good News Guys!!! Finally this issue is reolved…

Cause: The components for the Inventory Items screen are not licenced in License Manager for R12.1.1.

Fix: Please license the Products through System Administration or System Administrator Responsibility.

System Administrator > Oracle Applications Manager > Lincese Manager

Click on the the Products under License section and license the Products.

After performing the above steps the Items Screen attributes are active.

Thanks for all the help…


nav says February 9, 2010

How do i convert Fully Licensed HR module(PER) to shared license using Licnese Manager, if i cannot do it using License Manager how do it change it otherwise.


Atul Kumar says February 10, 2010

@ Nav,
It is not possible to change from Installed to Shared (shared to installed is possible) via License Manager.

There is unsupported way which is directly update table

fnd_product_installations with column status as I or S
I for installed
S for shared

Query to check status

select a.APPLICATION_NAME ,b.APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME ,c.patch_level, c.status
from fnd_application_tl a,fnd_application b,fnd_product_installations c
and a.LANGUAGE =’US’

nav says February 10, 2010

thanks atul…that worked like a charm…but oracle seems to have an internal document on this, and i got the same steps from oracle too.


Mahesh says February 21, 2010

Dear Atul,

To install Oracle apps 12.1 what is the minimum system requirement and which OS is suggestable

Atul Kumar says February 22, 2010

@ Mahesh,
Use any O.S. (Linux, Solaris, Windows) as per your comfort.

For Disk space check this post

Mahesh says February 22, 2010

Dear Atul,

Can u tell me whether Oracle apps 12.1 is available for free to learning. if so, from where i can download.

Manjunath says December 11, 2010

hi Atul,
doing a great job keep it going.
i have successfully installed R12 on vmware but not able to open forms
please help
im a begineer do not mind if its silly


Atul Kumar says December 11, 2010

@ Manju,
Do you get any error when you open forms ? Which browser you are using and what is client OS ?

Manjunath says December 12, 2010

hi Atul

R12 is intalled on VMware
Host OS :Vista 32bit
Guest OS:Redhat 4AS

it shows plugins downloading but its not connected to internet.

browser:Mozilla from the host.
os: Linux Redhat 4 AS

what plugins will support accessing forms.

AtulKumar says December 12, 2010

You are accessing R12 from Linux machine using moozilla . For plug-in it should not go to internet as R12 comes with plugin and browser should download it from R12 server.

Did you try from windows machine (Host OS) on IE ?

ayela says January 14, 2011

Hi Manjunath
I am very new to oracle application i installed VM on my windows7.Can you please tell me how u installed oracle 12i on your VM i was guessing we need some kind of oracle application image for VM.Do you have any good link for installtion on VM box.


Atul Kumar says January 14, 2011

@ Aye,
If you wish to use pre-built R12 VM you should have Oracle VM (VM Manager + VM Server)

For more information here

Or you can buy pre installed R12 Vmware VM from Focus Thread

If you are using VMware VM and wish to build R12 images on your own then let me know what is your Guest OS (windows/linux/solaris) ?

Procedure –
1. Upload R12 software to Guest OS
2. Make sure O.S. prereq are selected successfully
3. Install R12


Steps are for VMware server 1.6, for VMware server 2.0 steps should be more or less same

ayela says January 15, 2011

Thanks Atul for your resposnse i have Linux installed on my VM box.Any suggestions.


Atul Kumar says January 16, 2011

@ Ayela,
Download R12 software for Linux from and upload all zip files to linux guest OS and unzip all files . Unzip will create five folders then start installer from startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/rapidwiz

Manju says March 31, 2011

I am very new to oracle application i installed VM on my windows7.Can you please tell me how u installed oracle 12i on your VM i was guessing we need some kind of oracle application image for VM.Do you have any good link for installtion on VM box.
Firstly sorry for late reply,
From start
1.Install VMWARE on your windows Machine. 2.Install REDHAT 4.6 or Higher for 11i/R12 or REDHAT 5.1 or higher (Guest -1)
3.Install 11i or R12 on Redhat OS
4.To access forms install XP on VMWARE.(Guest-2) OS
5.connect as remote session to XP and work upon applications.

and About image
1.intially download software from Oracle
2.unzip the bundle.
3.create stage area.
4.create an image copy (use power-iso)of that stage area so that VMWARE can identify the files.
5.After installation of OS,when you need to install applications give the path of the image copy of staged area to VMWARE and start installation by firing rapidwiz but do not fail to crosscheck for prerequisites.

Any further help……!
Always welcome.

so thats all you need i hope

with regards,
Manju S

Rupali says June 26, 2013

Hi Atul,

I have some products in 12.1.3 which I installed unknowingly and would like to turn the status from I to S. I know that oracle doesn’t support switching from I->S but I would still request if you have kind of reliable script that would directly update the table from the back-end.

I don’t have a backup copy to restore as I installed the product during the fresh install and we are in the middle of the developement phase where I cannot afford to reinstall and start from scratch.

Would really appreciate your help if you have any workaround.


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