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With reference to the article in our web site about Mobile Supply chain , I am trying to nail down some of the problem and configuration about MWA , which take care by DBA .

This tips can be followed Mobile apllication Server version 11.5.5 to 11.5.10.X

One of the important  configuration file for the MWA resides in $MWA_TOP/secure

ls -l
total 126
-rw-r–r–   1 oracle   dba         5168 Sep 30 13:20 mwa.cfg

In the above file we have important parameters like mwa.LogLevel,mwa.TelnetServer,mwa.TelnetPortNumber

The most important parameter is mwa.TelnetServer=<urHostName>.<port> and mwa.TelnetPortNumber=<Port No>

The above telnet server would be the  link for accessing 11i Application from RAF Gun .

Note : we can assign multiple server and  port

Usually sometime we have more than one instance  in  the same server ,in such cases we need to make sure that the port which we are going to assign should  be free port . we can check by using the below command

netstat -a|grep <port no>
 Significance of the parameter “mwa.LogLevel”    set this parameter to =trace

Every time there is some kind of Performance issue it will begin to trace it. The Logs will be in the path described in the mwa.cfg file and may or may not have the port number listed with the log

We have another important script which is located in $MWA_TOP/bin

-rwxrwxr–   1 oracle   dba         5828 Oct  8 11:08

The above script help to  start and stop the Mobile Server services , we can change certain parameters in this scipt which help us to increase memory VM_CONFIG=”-mx128m -ms64m”  we can allocate more memory by changing this parameter to VM_CONFIG=”-mx512m -ms128m”

It is always recommended to be on the latest version of Java for the JDK Caching ability and MWA performance is increased with each newer version.

we can start and stop the services by following command

$MWA_TOP/bin/ -login sysadmin/<passwd> start <port no>

$MWA_TOP/bin/ -login  sysadmin/<passwd>  stop  <port no>

We can confirm wheather its working fine or not by the command

 netstat -a|grep 10220<port no>
      *.10220              *.*                0      0 400000      0 LISTEN

Even we can check the application is working from the start->run->  telnet <servername><portno> of our dekstop/laptop client

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Aravind says March 19, 2010


We have configured MWA server scuccessfully using dispatcher and its working fine. When we tried the same using the F5 Big IP instead of dispatcher we are not able to connect to MWA server. Any idea how to configure MWA (telnet based application) in Big IP?

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