Once again about MWA/MCSA

Well, this will be my start. Initally I planned a different topic for my first post. But with the recent talks about MWA/MCSA applications I can’t miss a chance to add my five cents to the subject.

  1. Autoconfig. In autoconfig-enbled environment configuration file mwa.cfg is written by autoconfig. So it would be good to modify any configuration setting that you want to be permanent via AutoConfig editor in OAM. For all MWA server configuration variables OA_VAR begins from s_mwa. There is also a description for each parameter.
  2. R12. While in 11i mwa.cfg is located in $MWA_TOP/secure, in R12 it’s in $INST_TOP/admin/install. Startup script mwactl.sh in R12 is located in $INST_TOP/admin/scripts
  3. Dispatcher. If we are going to run multiple servers (specified by mwa.TelnetPortNumber / s_mwaTelnetPortNo) then we most likely will also use dispatcher to load balance client requests between MCSA telnet servers. We use mwa.Dispatcher=host:port to set MCSA dispatcher (in AutoConfig there is s_mwaDispatcherPort for the port setting). To start|stop dispatcher we can use:
       mwactl.sh start_dispatcher | stop dispatcher.
    Dispatcher is MWADIS binary within $MWA_TOP/bin directory. We can check whether it’s running using:
        ps -ef | grep MWADIS
  4. OAM. There are Generic Services (MWA MSCA Telnet Server & MWA MSCA Telnet Dispatchers) in OAM that corresponds to MSCA telnet server & dispatcher respectively and can be used to start/stop them automatically.
  5. Server shutdown. When we use
       mwactl.sh -login <user>/<passwd> stop [port] – it’s so called graceful shutdown. MCSA Telnet Server won’t stop unless there are no clients currently using it. If you need to force shutdown, use stop_force instead of stop
  6. Tracing. Setting mwa.LogLevel could be very useful for trobleshooting issues with MWA In 11.5.10/R12 this will usually produce serveral files within MWA log directory:
    <port>.WMS.log (optionally)
    But for performance tuning we can also use SQL tracing. It can be enabled by setting mwa.LogLevel (s_mwaLogLevel) to performance.  SQL trace file will be put into usual user_dump_dest directory on database server.

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