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Performance issue is one of the most frustrating things in any application . Being a DBA if anything regarding to perfomrace, it  comes to us . It is one of the critical task for DBA to make sure that Application is performing as per end users expectation.

 It is really very complicated to reslove those issue . The effects of network latency may become significant and inescapable for users in remote location working over a WAN link. This may lead to ocassion where end users expectations and throughput necessary to sustain the business will need to be balanced against the practical and economic limits of the available network capacity.

 We have  tools which is available with Oracle 11i  to monitor application , database and system . But there are very few tool to diagnose performance at remote location .

There are two diagnostic tools available in the Oracle E-Business Suite:

  • The Network test Form – available in all versions
  • The Client Analyzer – introduced in 11.5.10

It is important to understand the purpose of the tool  and their limitations and how efficatively we can use those tools to help our perforamce monitoring task.

The Network test Form , How to run this is very simple steps

1. Login to Core Applications as the Sysadmin Responsibility.
2. Navigate to Application > Network Test.
3. Click the ‘Clear Old Test Data’ button to purge previous test results from the database.
4. Specify the number of Trials and the Iterations for each trial for both the latency and bandwidth blocks. The default settings for both are 5 trials of 100 iterations each.
5. Select the Run Test button to perform the test.

Latency Test. It examines the time taken for a single packet to make a round trip from the client side application to the server.
 Bandwidth Test. It examines the data rate to see how many bytes per second the network can transfer from the server to the client.

Note :- Oracle Recommends Network latency should be low and bandwidth should be high.

In my next post i will try to cover the other tool

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