JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity ) in Oracle WebLogic – Overview

This post covers overview of connecting WebLogic Server to Database using JDBC.

How to connect to Database from Oracle WebLogic Server :
You first create JDBC Datasource (or multi data sources) and then deploy this JDBC datasource (or multi datasource) to WebLogic Server (or cluster) in Domain.

Datasource: contains pool of database connections that are created when datasource instance is created i.e.
a) When it is deployed or targeted
b) Server start-up

Multi Datasource : Abstraction around data source to provide load balancing or failover for datasource which are part of Multi Datasource.

Who can create JDBC Resource – Administrator or Programmer

How a JDBC resource is created – Using
i) Administration Console (by Administrator)
ii) WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool)  (by Administrator)
iii) by Programmatically using JMX API (by Developer)

System v/s Application JDBC Module – JDBC Modules created by Administrator using Console or WLST are called as System JDBC module where as JDBC module created by developer using WebLogic Workshop, other IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or XML editor are called as Application JDBC Module.

How JDBC Datasource is stored on server – as XML File under $DOMAIN/config/jdbc directory. i.e. $WEBLOGIC_HOME/ user_projects/ domains/ [domain_name]/ config/ jdbc/

config.xml file in “$WEBLOGIC_HOME/user_projects/domains/[domain_name]/config” points to JDBC datasource configuration file via parameter jdbc-system-resource

sample entry in config.xml


which means JDBC configuration file is at “$WEBLOGIC_HOME/ user_projects/ domains/ [domain_name]/ config/ jdbc/ JDBC1-1894-jdbc.xml


Step by Step JDBC resource creation (for database connectivity) in WebLogic Server using Administration Console coming next …

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srinivasan says March 24, 2011

Is there a way i can change the log paths of weblogic during domain creation itself using WLST. Like ServerLog,Accesslog,..etc


Atul Kumar says March 28, 2011

@ Srinivasan,
I don’t think you can change log location during installation however you can change it after installation using WLST or weblogic console.

tanaji says September 12, 2011

oracle connectivity

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