Download & Install VMware 2.0 and Oracle Enterprise Linux for Oracle Database

This post is for our 10g DBA or Oracle Apps (11i/R12) DBA training here

Top Level Steps
1. Download and Unzip Oracle Enterprise Linux 5  
2. Download and Install VMware server on Windows Machine
3. Configure Linux Machine on VMware Server
4. Install Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 on VMware server 2.0
5. Install 10g Database or Oracle Apps 11i/R12 on Oracle Enterprise Linux

1. Download and Unzip Oracle Enterprise Linux 5

1.1 Download Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.2 from

There are five CD’s in total as seen in screen shot


1.2 Unzip five files

Unzip should create five ISO files, this should create five files like

2. Download and Install VMWare server on windows machine

2.1 Download VMWare Server 2.0 for windows from   (approx 580 MB size)

Register on vmware site to get license key

2.2 Install VMware Server 2.0 on windows (XP/Vista/2000) machine


3. Configure Virtual Machine in VMware 2.0

Access VMWare Server console via browser  https://localhost:8333/ui/ (SSL) or http://localhost:8222/ui/ (for Non SSL)

When prompted for VMWare Infrastructure WebAccess  Login Name and Password enter your operating system (Windows) username and password

3.1 Login to VMWare Console

Default Web Port is 8333 (HTTPS) and 8222 (HTTP)



UserName and Passwordare windows username and password

3.2 Add Datastore

Datastore is storage location for VMWare Server virtual machine files.

On right side pan , under Commands, click on Add Datastore

3.3 Select Local  Datastore and e:\ (My Oracle Enterprise Linux CD cd are in this directory and I am going to keep vmware disk in this drive)

3.4 Create Virtual Machine
Virtual Machine -> Create Virtual Machine

Select Name and Location

3.5 Guest Operating System
select Linux and then Other Linux 32 bit

3.6 Memory and Processor
select atleast 4GB (4096MB) for R12 Installation 

3.7 Hard Disk

3.8 Network Adapter

3.8 CD Drive
Click on Use an ISO Image

Select iso image (Oracle Enterprise Linux) which you downloaded above

3.10 Floppy Drive

3.11 USB Handler

3.12 Finish

3.13 To Start Oracle Enterprise Installation

select tab Virtual Machine , select Machine created in above step and click on green arrow sign as shown in screen below

Step by Step Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 (then 10g Database & Apps R12) on Vmware Server 2.0 coming soon …

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Narendra says January 27, 2009


This is exactly what I am trying to do on my laptop (Windows Vista) since last few days.
The main problem I am facing is, I am able to install Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) in the virtual machine (VM) but the OEL VM only shows 800×600 as maximum screen resolution. As I am new to Linux world, I am not yet able to figure out how to address the resolution issue. I also tried VirtualBox but same proble there as well.
Also, I have downloaded Oracle 10g on my laptop but it is not an ISO image. So is it possible for me to access Windows (Host) folder from Linux in VM (Guest) ? I am not able to do that either.
My aim is to install OEL as VM and install Oracle 10g on OEL. I will use Windows only for “normal” operations like net surfing etc.
Am looking forward to your blog for next article.

Atul Kumar says January 27, 2009

Narendra, How to transfer database zip files from windows (Host Operating system) to Oracle Enterprise Linux (Guest Operating system) on vmware coming in next post. I hope your network type is NAT for Virtual Machine.

vishnu says January 27, 2009

I’ve always used vmware to install oracle9i to test it to the core, but i wanted to test the networking capability of it.. i heard Vmware could be used to create virtual networks.. any tutorials to create networks and testing the networking capabilities of oracle would be of great helpful

Syed says January 29, 2009

Hi Atul

I am trying to instal linux on m system ,I have I have 650GB External hard drive , But its gives me the error
” File is larger then the maximum size support
by datastore F:vartualmachine/vartualmachine.vmdk.”””

I tried 5 times to instal with your same process, but its give me the same error , Can you please guide me .

Atul Kumar says January 29, 2009

I suppose your external hard drive is FAT32 which support max file size of 2GB. Try changing file system type on host operating system (windows external drive) to NTFS or better split datastore file in size of 2 GB file while creating datastore

Khan says January 29, 2009

Hi Atul

I know you guys are going to start a traning for Oracle Apps DBA from 31st jan 2009 , The lectures for this traning are already recorded , or its live with instructer…
becuase I heard some one that its recorded lectures ….
Can you please write me in detail about this taning , SO that I will make my decision.

Atul Kumar says January 29, 2009

khan, we don’t record lectures and training is live with real instructor and hands on practice including installation , patching and cloning. YOu can ask questions during training or after training.

Khan says January 29, 2009

Hi Atul

I have found following line on your traning web site , So I think it will be recorded traning ??
How will the training work?

Instructor will explain and demo Oracle 11i Apps tutorials over an interactive web conferencing software. You will be given a URL, to connect to Oracle Apps instance and can practice at your leisure on our servers.


Atul Kumar says January 29, 2009

You misunderstood statement I can assure you training is not recorded (If this is recorded I can gurantee full refund) above statement means

Using Web conferencing software you will connect to online meeting with trainer and other trainees where you will see trainers screen and he will explain using powerpoint presentation and exercises (actually doing hands-on on unix system) , later he will give you exercises (installation, patching, cloning) which you need to do yourself on system provided by us (or you can do on your own system). Trainer can access/take control of your screen, if you face any issues during exercises. If you want demo, please drop your number, convenient time or feel free or contact us via

Check some of feedbacks we got from tarinees

MM says February 11, 2009


I am using X-Manager tool from Windows Vista Desktop to invoke Display in the OEL5.
But the already provided display parameter for Linux is not found in OEL5 and i m trying to figure out how to invoke display in OEL 5


syed says February 16, 2009

Hi Atul

I have done installation exactly as above documents .
As in this document show basic requirement for storage 20G and attached datastore more then 500G. But this datastore doesn’t mention in LINUX when i am using df -h command .

I exactly follow all steps of your document .

Do I need to extend the storage capacity from 20G to 300G . Or the system can access datastore . I don,t have the exact idea about this storage .


If you are not available right now I will catch you in evening …..


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chandan says April 27, 2009

Hi Atul,
can i install Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 on VMware server 2.0 and install oracle apps R12 on Oracle enterprise linux5?
Also do i need to have internet connection enabled while installing oracle apps R12?

Atul Kumar says April 28, 2009

Chandan, download and install oracle linux 4 update 5 as I know it works, not sure of version 5.
Yes you can use Linux 4 update 5 on vmware and then R12 on that.

No you don’t need internet access to install R12

chandan says April 28, 2009

thanks so much for replying….
you cud save my life….here is why i m dying…
Oracle Linux 5 has 2.6.18 kernel which does not support my Intel Wifi 5100 card,,,so i downloaded one microcode for that,,,and installed it , now the wireless card is active but does not connect to my existing wireless network. So while installation of oracle apps R12, the hosts file will be needed and there is no network connection so will it still install oracle apps? also ill have to install some packages which will be done through internet like gcc, g++ , rpm etc…..
please help me….i tried installing oracle apps R12 on Ubuntu luck….
please help.
thanks again.

Virendra says May 26, 2009

Hi Atul,
Have you installed oracle 11i or 12i on Sun Microsytems Sun VirtualBox..can you please let me know if it is good or it is better to use VMware..

eCofresi says December 29, 2009

In step 3.3 can it not be the C drive? I am getting an error message that it already exists.

Atul Kumar says December 29, 2009

It can be C drive too (If there is no datasource already defined for c drive) . I think by default vmware installer create one default datastore under C drive.

Check existing datasource and remove if datasource with drive c is already in vmware

ms says November 3, 2011

Hi Atul,

Thank you for your reply on how to install ebsR12
without being connected to a network (

I have another a question I have install R12.1.1
on VMware oel 5.5 on a Windowa/XP.

I get a login on the host or Linux host but
I cannot get a login from the client XP side.
My understanding the one way to open oracle Forms is from the client side of the install.

Do you have any suggestions on what is wrong.
Your website is a great website!!

Thank you, in advance for your help.


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