Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid – Management Agent

This post covers installation of Oracle Enterprise Management (OEM) Grid Management Agents on Machine which you are planning to monitor using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.

What is OEM Grid Control Management Agent ?
Management Agent is software installed on node (machine) which you are planning to monitor. Agent collects information on target node (Host, Database, Listener, Application Server …) and transports that information to Oracle Management Service(OMS) which inturn pass on that information to Management Repository (Oracle Database). For overview of OEM Grid Control and various components Click Here


Installing OEM Grid Management Agent

There are various ways of installing agent on Nodes (which you wish to Monitor using OEM Grid control)

i) AgentDeploy Application – requires SSH, sudo access to run on remote target Node
ii) nfsagentinstall Script– limitation is one agent installation at a time, not supported on clusters (RAC databases) and  for OCFS file system. requires SSH, sudo access to run on remote target Node
iii) agentDownload Script – Download script from console is available from version. For previous version download from here
iv) using Oracle Installer (OUI – Oracle Universal Installer)

i) AgentDeploy Application– useful for installing multiple Management Agents (mass deployment) remotely. AgentDeploy application connects to OMS (Oracle Management Service), copies files scripts required for Agent to target node and then run them to install Agent on remote Node.

To Use AgentDeploy Application – Login to OEM Grid Console -> Click Deployments -> Click Install Agent

ii) nfsagentinstall Script– software to install Management Agent is shared on remote nodes using NFS. To start Management Agent installation using this menthod execute script ./nfsagentinstall  -s <EMSTATE Directory location> -p <port number>

iii) agentDownload Script– This method uses pull technology, run agentDownload script from target node. This script creates directory for Agent Software, downloads response file from OMS (Management Server) Web Server and starts installation of Management Agent in Silent Mode.

iv) using OUI–  This method of installing Oracle Management Agent uses Oracle Universal Installer (OUI). Start Installer , when prompted for “Installation Type” select “Additional Management Agent” .


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sudhakar says September 6, 2010

hi ,

i m searching for job in oracle aplication dba,OEM 10g grid application servers,can you plz send me some sample resume on this to my mail id….i m trying for on-site work location.


jibyt says January 6, 2011

Hi Atul,

Please let me know incase you tried integrating LDAP with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g. This is to provision LDAP users to use OEM.


Atul Kumar says January 7, 2011

@ Jiby,
You need authentication & authorization to access OEM 11g.

OEM 11g provides three ways to authenticate users who needs access to OEM

a) Repository-Based Authentication
b) SSO-Based Authentication
c) Enterprise User Security Based Authentication

You can use option c) EUS based authentication which means you can use LDAP server (OID) for authentication.

For authorization use OEM Authorization Model.

Check documentation at

jibyt says January 22, 2011

Thanks Atul,

I will try that and let you know how it goes.


varun says October 11, 2011

Hi jibyt,

Did you succeed integrating LDAP with OEM 11g. Please let me know

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