1Z0-114 – Oracle SOA Foundations, Adoption and Implementation certification for SOA Architects

In next few months I am planning to take Certification “Oracle SOA Architect Certified Expert” more information here so I decided to dedicate this post on what books I am following and few sites (including Oracle) which gives dummy questions to practice. 

    To gain “Oracle SOA Architect Certified Expert” credentials you need to clear one exam 1Z0-114 “Oracle SOA Foundations, Adoption and Implementationmore information here



This certification was earlier from BEA (oB0-106  BEA SOA Foundations Exam  & oB0-107 BEA SOA Adoption and Implementation ) and after acquisition, Oracle re-branded it to 1Z0-114  Oracle SOA Foundations, Adoption and Implementation


Document You must read


Supporting Document I am following

If you have access to Oracle’s iLearning website http://ilearning.oracle.com then search for below Online Self Study Trainings

  • SOA Reference Architecture Ed 1 RWS
  • SOA: Architectural Concepts of Enterprise Service Engineering Ed 1 RWS
  • SOA Service-Oriented Development of Applications Ed 1 RWS
  • SOA Strategic Concepts & Principles Ed 1 RWS
  • SOA Organization and Governance Ed 1
  • SOA Costs and Benefits Ed 1 RWS

Sample Questions

Document specific to each exam topic !!! coming soon !!!

  • Domain Model Concepts
  • Business Strategy and Process
  • Architecture
  • Building Blocks
  • Projects and Applications
  • Organization and Governance
  • Costs and Benefits

If you know any sample question which can help in understanding concepts for SOA Foundation, Adoption and Implementation or any study material useful for certification 1Z0-114 then leave website link under comments section

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elvedinbabic says August 18, 2009

thanx a lot for this useful article .. I might have some documents to share which I will upload and post links here .. I am deseprately trying to find reference to section: SOA Business Strategy and Process that will help me with passing this exam .. but I can’t find any related materials except the generic one. Do you think it will be good enough? .. thanx

Atul Kumar says August 20, 2009

@ Elvedinbabic, I couldn’t find anything BEA specific for “SOA Business Strategy and Process” (just 1 page in BEA Domain Model for SOA). I am planning to buy online course and should be able to share some information from them in future.

Can you please mail me document [ atul @ onlineAppsDBA.com ] which can help others to understand SOA and specific to exam. I’ll then upload them to this website and share link with all those interested in “Oracle SOA Foundations, Adoption and Implementation certification for SOA Architects”

Alexander Al says September 14, 2009


have you taken this exam already?

Your blog is the only place in the Internet, where it is possible to find working links for proper documents.

Do you have any new materials about this exam or maybe you have some good ideas how to pass it.

Thanx a lot,

Atul Kumar says September 14, 2009

@ Alexander, Not yet I started with Online Self Study Trainings but as of now focusing on Oracle Weblogic System Administration Certification 1Z0-108

Ditch23 says September 23, 2009

I have been trying to get a copy of the mandatory reading material you have specified and unforunately the BEA download website no longer seems to be available. I have managed to find copies of the domain model and reference architecture whitepapers but not the SOa governance with BEA and Aqualogic paper. Do you know where I can get a copuy of this to read through or do you have a copy you could send me?


sall0 says September 30, 2009

Hi Atul,
Thanks for helping many people!
just a stupid question your link to ilearning.oracle.com
i cannot find the courses there you mentioned.
could you please tell if you have some subscription to that for which you are paying or these courses are available free?

many thanks

Atul Kumar says October 6, 2009

@ Sall0
These course are not free on ilearning.oracle.com . I have OPN (Oracle Partner Network ) Membership so I purchased these courses. This material is copy right protected so can’t share on website.

Renuka says October 16, 2009

Hi Atul,have you taken this exam.First,Thanks for very much for the links which are really helpful.

veeresh says October 26, 2009

Hi Atul,

I am very frequent visitor for all your blogs which carries lot of information and always worth to spend time. I am looking forward to take SOA certification exams.

So guide me to begin with and let me know your email-address.


rsrini says October 31, 2009

Two of the hyperlinks does not work. Can you please post these or upload them to Scribd? I intend to prepare for the SOA exam.
Hyperlinks that does not work:
1) http://eudownload.bea.com/es/events/esbportugal/2-SOA_Governance_ppt.pdf (Does not work)
2) http://eudownload.bea.com/uk/events/soa/soa.pdf

Anand says November 24, 2009


Today is the first time I came across about your website. The amount of work you have done is amazing. I am fairly a newbee for Oracle Apps. Thank you very much for the ocean of information you have put in place. Appreciate greatly.

I was looking on SOA certification and two links seems doesn’t work.

BEA Domain Model and BEA Governance (top of this page. Both are listed as must read. Can you please check and post the updated link.

Abviously yours is one stop place for Apps and SOA related questions.!!!

Keep up the good work.

Thanks & Regards,

Atul Kumar says November 25, 2009

@ Rsrini, Anand,
Thanks for pointintg this out, You can now download these files from link.

allamaphg says December 2, 2009

Great.Thanks for the information.I have been racking my brains to get this information.I have run from pole to post.

Steve says January 25, 2010

testinside pdf links for sample questions do not work

someone says February 14, 2010

Hi,Thanks for the post.Have you taken this certification.I’ve scheduled mine.

krishna says March 30, 2010

Hi Atul , The info in the blog is great and awesome. Have you taken the exam ? how was it?
too dificult?

thanks, Krishna

anuj says April 5, 2010

Hi Atul,
Hope by this timeou you must have cleared this iz0-114 exam.
Could you please share the experience as i am planning to take up the certification soon

anuj says April 5, 2010

Hi Atul,

Have you appared in iz0-114 exam.
Pls share your experience.


veejai24 says June 25, 2010

Hi Atul,

Could you tell me is 1Z0-114 Oracle SOA Architect certification is for 10g or 11g ?

Ahmed says July 11, 2010


1. The 1Z0-114 is an ‘architect’ certification, so it is technology independent.

2. Effective 01-Oct-2010, the 1Z0-114 exam will be retired.

3. For more information, check out:

gaurav nanda says November 23, 2010

You are doing a great job,keep it up!

parwez says March 2, 2011

Hi Atul, i have been sponsored this 1z0-114 by the companyy, i am working with.

Can you please share the topics this exam is supposed to cover, i have the access to OPN.

Can you pls specify what topics should i look for on OPN site.

ramesh gulgam says March 2, 2011

Hi Atul,

I have installed weblogic 10.3.2 generi version on aix 6.1 and soa on aix on 2 machenes

i am able to start adminserver and managed servers of wsm and soa manageds servers
but during startup soa managed servers i got errors soa-infra application is working

can u please help me


ramesh gulgam says March 2, 2011

Hi Atul,

I follow u r document and created everything as per document but soa-infra is not working


Atul Kumar says March 3, 2011

@ ramesh gulgam ,
Check log under $MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain/servers/[soa_server]/logs to find root cause of issue

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