Oracle Identity Management (OID) 11g installation Issues on Linux

Last month I discussed 11g Identity Management (OID, DIP, OVD and OIF) installation here , today’s post covers issues encountered during 11g OID/OVD installation on Linux.

1.  Set hard file and soft file limit to at-least 4096 for user installing 11g Identity Management (OID)


<os_user> hard nofile 4096
<os_user> soft nofile 4096

If O.S. user installing 11g Identity Management is “oracle” then add entry like below in /etc / security/ limits.conf

oracle hard nofile 4096
oracle soft nofile 4096

2. Database (Repository for IdM) should be minimum (for 10g) or (for 11g)

For complete database list  click here

3. Database processes should be at-least 500 , if not change it like

SQL> alter system set processes=500 scope=both;

scope=both -> If you are using spfile .
modify init<sid>.ora -> if you are using pfile .

4.  Unset LD_ASSUME_KERNEL else Installation will fail at instance creation (during start of OPMN)


How to check if LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is set ?

How to unset LD_ASSUME_KERNEL ?


Installation logs are under global oraInventory/logs/oraInstallYYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SSPM.out
opmnctl start: failed.
Error creating ASInstance asinst_1.
Cause:An internal operation has failed: Error in starting opmn server
Operation aborted because of a system call failure or internal error

Log file location

1. Installation logs: Global oraInventory/ logs/ oraInstallYYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SSPM.out

2. OID/IdM configuration logs
: $ORACLE_HOME/ cfgtoollogs/ cfgfw/ CfmLogger_YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SSPM.log where
ORACLE_HOME is $MW_HOME/Oracle_IDM1   (Oracle_IDM1 is default name , you can change this during installation)

3. Oracle Internet Directory logs  $ORACLE_INSTANCE/ diagnostics/ logs/ OID/ <component_name>/ oid*.log

4. OID Monitor Logs$ORACLE_INSTANCE/ diagnostics/ logs/ OID/ <component_Name>/ oidmon-XXXX.log

5. OPMN logs $ORACLE_INSTANCE/ diagnostic/ logs/ OPMN/ opmn/

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kishorem says April 14, 2010

I am using OID 11g, I am not able to retrieve user password.I have followed steps mentioned at and checked orclpwdencryptionenable is having value 1. still when i try to retrive user’s passowrd it returns null.

String userPassword = (String) userProfile

the same code is properly working with OID


Steven says June 3, 2010

Hi, Im getting an install failure on Linux…doing a /opt/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1/bin/ to just install OVD

after patching to and it never gets past the bootstrap domain configuration stage…dies silently two hours later


Steven says June 3, 2010

“No data for action:Bootstrap Domain Configuration”

is the last thing in the install log

TAJ says January 27, 2011

Dans quel order faut-il installer les composants (WLS, RCU, OID) de Portal Forms-Reports 11g ?
Merci de votre reponse.

Shannon C says October 28, 2011

I am getting the error message but it is on bootsrap configuration for emagent

Atul Kumar says October 31, 2011

@ Shannon C,
What is exact error in installation logs ?

Shannon C says November 3, 2011

I managed to get it installed, apparently it was an issue with the Time Zone

Gopal says November 14, 2014

Hi Atul,

we are using Oracle Apps R12.1.3 and the Microsoft Active Directory

we have the following requirement:

we need to integrate Microsoft Active Directory with APPS R12.1.3 For

-Employee master information needs to be interfaced to Active Directory on a regular interval which should be updated in the active directory.

-Whenever new email address for an employee is created in Active directory, the information needs to flow to Oracle HRMS.

Please let us know the method to achieve with minimal latest oracle softwares?

For this OID is required , So what component should i install and integrate from Identity Management ?

Is Oracle Apps R12.1.3 certified with Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory?


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