Troubleshooting tips for LDAP command line tools

This post will talk about the problems and solutions that arises when LDAP command line tools are run for various scenarios.

Error:unable to locate message file: ldap.msb
Scenario: When you run any ldap tools like ldapmodify, ldapadd, ldapbind etc.,
Solution: Set the ORACLE_HOME env variable as shown below.
server@hostname homedir$ export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/orasoft/Oracle/Middleware/idm/Oracle_IDM1
server@hostname homedir$  echo $ORACLE_HOME

Now execute the ldap commands as shown below.
server@hostname homedir$ /u01/orasoft/Oracle/Middleware/idm/Oracle_IDM1/bin/ldapbind -h hostname -p 389 -D cn=orcladmin -w password
bind successful

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