& command – Create Tempalets and Domains in WebLogic

If you are planning to configure High Availability (Active-Active cluster) in 11g Fusion Middleware components (SOA, WebCenter) then its important that you should know pack and unpack command in WebLogic Server.

If you are new to Oracle WebLogic Server Server then first read about Domain, Administration Server and Managed Server here


Why you should know about & in Fusion Middleware (Weblogic) clustering (High Availability) ?
As part of Active-Active cluster –
1.You would install Fusion Middleware (WebLogic & SOA/WebCenter) on Machine1 and Machine2 .
          For steps on How to install SOA Suite 11g on single node click here
2.Create a domain (with WebLogic cluster and Machine) on Machine1 using more here
3. Run to bundle domain and templates from Machine1 (This will create jar file)
4. Copy jar file (created by using command) from Machine1 to Machine2
5. Use to create domain & managed server on Machine2

You would also need pack and unpack command to run a managed server on a machine that is remote from the administration server for the domain.


What is & command ?
and unpack commands provide a simple, one-step method for creating domains and templates from the command line.
These shell scripts are available in$MW_HOME/wlserver_[ver]/common/bin

  • For more information on Directory structurein Fusion Middleware 11g click here
  • For more information on pack & unpack command check Oracle guide here


Syntax of the Pack Command

pack -domain=path_of_domain -template=path_of_jara_file_to_create -template_name=”template_name” [-template_author=”author”][-template_desc=”description”] [-managed=true|false][-log=log_file] [-log_priority=log_priority]

  • Default value for -managed is false

Syntax of the Unpack Command

unpack -template=path_of_jara_file -domain=path_of_domain_to_be_created [-user_name=username] [-password=password] [-app_dir=application_directory] [-java_home=java_home_directory] [-server_start_mode=dev|prod] [-log=log_file] [-log_priority=log_priority]


Learn Oracle Weblogic Server Administration


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