Upgrade/Migrate Oracle internet Application Server (iAS) 9i/10g to Oracle WebLogic Server(FMW) 11g

This post covers overview of migrating/upgrading Oracle Application Server (9i/10g) to Fusion Middleware 11g (WebLogic) server.


1.Oracle WebLogic 11g R1 version is 10.3.1  where as WebLogic Server 10g R3 version is 10.3.0

2.Supported starting point for upgrade to Fusion Middleware 11g is
i) Oracle Application Server 10g R2 (10.1.2.X)
ii) Oracle Application Server 10g R3 (10.1.3.X)
iii) Oracle Application Server Portal 10g R2 (10.1.4.X)
iv) Oracle Identity Management (10.1.4X)

3. If you are on previous version of iAS (9.0.2, 9.0.3, 9.0.4) then first upgrade your application server to 10g R2/R3

4. If you are using OracleAS Single Sign-On or Oracle Delegated Administration Services (DAS), then you should be aware that there is no upgrade path to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g for these components.
                Instead, if you are using Oracle Single Sign-On with Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer, then you should maintain your existing 10g Release 2 (10.1.2) or 10g (10.1.4) Oracle Single Sign-On instance. 11g OID is supported with 10g Single Sign-On (SSO). More information here

upgrade to weblogic


5. Upgrade tools
i) Domain Upgrade
– use domain upgarde wizard if you are an existing WebLogic customer on WebLogic version 8, 9 or 10.X
       If you are on WebLogic 9.x or 10.x , you can also upgrade simply by pointing existing domain to 11gR1(10.3.1) binary.

ii) Smart Upgrade– If you have developed a custom J2EE application and running it on iAS (9i/10g) then use Smart Upgrade.

iii) Upgrade Assistant
– use upgrade assistant if you are using 9i or 10g AS (Application Server aka iAS) components like OHS, Forms, Reports, WebCache.

iv) Jdeveloper Migrator
– If you have developed ADF, SOA or WebCenter application and running it on Oracle Application Server 10g then use migration wizard in JDeveloper to migrate these applications to 11g.

To put it other way
a. Existing WebLogic customer use Domain Upgrade
b. Existing 10g iAS(forms/reports, portal, OHS, Webcache) use Upgrade Assistance
c. Existing 10g SOA/ADF/WebCenter Application then use Jdeveloper Migration Wizard in 11g
d. Exisitng J2EE application running on 10g iAS , use smart upgrade 

More information here

6)For upgrade assistance (to upgrade OHS, WebCache, Forms/Reports, Portal), upgarde assitance is re-runable and rolling upgrade is possible (upgrade middle tier first and upgrade metadata repository later)

7)If you use JDeveloper migrator to upgrade SOA Application (BPEL Project) from 10g to 11g then migration wizard automatically converts SOA Application to SCA (Service Component Architecture) model



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benprusinski says April 7, 2010

Hi Atul,

Nice blog post on migration tips to Oracle Weblogic Fusion Middleware (FMW) server! I bet many folks will need our help migrating from 10g Application Server to the new Oracle FMW 11g environments!

Ben Prusinski

Atul Kumar says April 10, 2010

@ Ben,
Thanks , yes indeed lot of cusotmer will be moving from 10g to 11g middleware this year (and next year)

Vivek says April 25, 2010

Hi Atul,
I is really a help full article. can you please little bit explore migration process from OC4j 9.0.3 to weblogic 11g.
Currently my application is working on jdk 1.3.1 and need to upgrade it to jdk 1.5 so that i can also use Oracle 11g database also.

Many Thanks in advance.


Jennifer says October 8, 2010

Hi Atul,

I have AS10g portal/sso/oid running in production on three servers and would need to move this AS10g stack to FMW 11g (portal/oid 11g and sso


server 1 – AS10g midtier/portal
server 2 – AS10g SSO
server 3 – OID/infradb

Do you suggest me start over with a fresh installation or upgrade? I personally prefer a fresh installation, but not so sure how to spread each components on these three servers…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead!

Upgrade to Oracle Portal 11g « M3on6 says February 7, 2011

[…] onlineappsdba.com […]

Warren says March 31, 2011

Hi, could you explain an easy way to import the partner/agreement/protocols/channels etc data from 10g to 11g without having to manually setup in 11g.

Atul Kumar says April 1, 2011

@ Warren,
Could you please share which application in 10g we are talking here ? Is this for B2B ?

Warren says April 1, 2011

Sorry, from Integration B2B 10g to 11g B2B (within SOA Suite). We are using soa and 10.3.2 weblogic and 11.0.7 db. I know there is an export/import button in B2B but was told that is only for importing/exporting within the same versions (like from test to prod).

Atul Kumar says April 1, 2011

@ Warren,
Can you not upgrade B2B 10g repository to 11g and then export/import data across environments

Warren says April 1, 2011

No, I had tried this before but we are on solaris and the patch is obsolete according to oracle support. Even if I try to follow the instructions by issueing the java command it errors becuase of “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/tip/repos/export/Export”. we don’t have this hierarchy at the wls home or anywhere for that matter so i assume the import/export does not work for solaris but I’m only guessing. thanks for any help.

Atul Kumar says April 3, 2011

@ Warren,
Which version of 10g b2b you are on ?

If I am not wrong this utility/class file (java command) is in later (or latest) patchset of 10g b2b

Lokanath says July 22, 2011

Hi Atual,
I am planning to upgrade Oracle database from to using Transportable tablespace. Please can refer us with steps if you have.

Thanks in Advance,

Zaechery says November 25, 2011


I need some information about the Oracle internet Application Server (iAS) upgrade 9i/10g to Oracle WebLogic Server(FMW) 11g and/or the Suite version.

What are the functionality deference’s?

Can someone summarize this 4 me please?
Thx in advance,


Atul Kumar says November 27, 2011

@ Zaechery,
9iAS/10g AS and Weblogic servers are architecture wise completely different.

Check this http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/upgrade.1111/e10125/intro.htm#CEGJAEHE

Ashwani Gupta says December 20, 2011

Hi Atul,

We are going to upgrade Oralce internet application server 10g to fusion middle ware

We have to install weblogic, form,report,discoverer on windows server 2008-64 bit.

In the fusion middle ware components compatibility matrix I found that oracle forms and report builder are not supported on window server 2008.

1) Here my question is that if I install server components of forms and report then would I be able to compile my fmb files on server without development took kit(form builder)?

2) Is development took kit is the only way to compile forms?

3) If I install development kit of oracle form and reports 11g on my 32 bit windows vista client machine and compile forms from here then would I be able to use those fmx files on 64-bit server?

Please let me know solution of my these questions and your suggesion would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


G_Hill says January 3, 2012

We just completed migrating report services from 10gAS/Windows Server 2003 x64 to 11gWebLogic/Windows Server 2008 x64 similar to your number 2 above.
We have two problems:
1. Labels are not aligned on the new server – they seem to have no margins on the top and left.
2. Whenever the administration server goes down, all of the managed servers go down as well. Oracle’s documentation says they should keep running.
Otherwise, your advice worked well. If anyone knows how to solve these problems, please post for all. I suspect they are common.
Greg Hill

Atul Kumar says January 4, 2012

@ G Hill,
For first “Labels are not aligned..” please check with report developer .

2. Admin Server shutdown should not have any affect on Managed Servers.

Stop Admin Server and then check Managed Server log file to find root cause of Managed Server termination.

G_Hill says January 4, 2012

Hello Atul,
Thank you kindly for your prompt response. However, the label alignment problem is still puzzling. Dozens of label reports written using APEX, Oracle Reports, etc. that worked perfectly under 10gAS are misaligned when moved to 11g WebLogic. Certainly the report developers can adjust them, though it will be time consuming and expensive, but there must be a simple reason for it – differences between the two platforms in spacing, tabs, fonts, or something else. There could be a global setting that would fix all of them at once and save thousands of dollars.
Thanks again,

Atul Kumar says January 4, 2012

@ G_HILL, I agree with what you are saying but I am not aware of any fix or setting.

G Care says March 6, 2012

Is there a plan for the following scenario:
Upgrade iAS 10g Portal from WINDOWS to 11g POrtal on Linux.

OHS says June 1, 2012


please tell me how to generate a wallet containg selfsigned certificate and import it in oracle http sever 11g wihtout using wlst or console?

Karthick says September 23, 2012


we are upgrading OID from to, could you please explain me the process to upgrade. I have installed (Without configuration) weblogic 10.3.6 and IDM Please help me to proceed further

Thanks & Regards
Karthick k

Kathy says June 6, 2013

Hi Atul,

Thanks for the helpful article.

I am trying to migrate J2EE application from OC4J 9.0.2 to Weblogic 10.3. Would you know where I might find little bit more information on this migration process?

Were you able to migrate your application for OC4J 9.0.3 to WebLogic 11g.

I am also trying to do similar migration. It will be great if you can share any information.


Sowmya Kasina says December 13, 2013

I succesfully plaggarized this.
Thanks You

Kishor Ahuja says May 13, 2017


This is a very good article. My company is still using Oracle iAS server. I am not sure what is the reason I should ask my company to upgrade from iAS server to Web Logic. Can I have such points which can force me to change from iAS to Web Logic?

    Atul Kumar says August 22, 2017

    Most important is that everything is moving to Weblogic and WebLogic is Oracle’s Strategic Application Server.

Kishor Ahuja says May 13, 2017

This is a very good article. My company is still using Oracle iAS server. I am not sure what is the reason I should ask my company to upgrade from iAS server to Web Logic. Can I have such points which can force me to change from iAS to Web Logic?

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