OID 11g installation troubleshooting

I have done been doing OID 11g installation in windows environment recently and encountered an issue.In this case, there is also DB Vault installed with Oracle Database. So if you happen to install OID schema using RCU on such DB with Vault, then you have to follow these steps:

1. Disable DB Vault: follow this guide  .

2. Install OID Schema using RCU.

3. Install OID

4. Enable DB Vault again.

If you are using Oracle DB, then you may need to patch it with this 7244497 and 7291157. You can also follow this guide.  As per the guide, you would need to apply 2 patches post OID installation i.e,  7244497 and 7291157. If you are using windows machine then 7244497 is not available. However, you can simply apply 1 patch 9384493 as it covers the bugs of both patches 7244497 and 7291157.

Though it happens to be the common error while installing OID 11g (, it fails at step Creating OID instance/ Starting OID instance.

The error may look like this

Error creating ASComponent oid1.


An internal operation has failed: Exception in onCreate()


See logs for more details.

Step Create Oracle Internet Directory  failed

Upon debugging the install logs, I found this “OID schema entry missing in schema_version_registry”.

The way to debug is to execute the following sql queries to check the no. of rows it returns.

select count(*) from schema_version_registry;
SELECT count(*) FROM all_objects WHERE object_name=’SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY’ AND object_type=’VIEW’;

If both returns more than 1, then there is an issue. Hence we need to drop the  OID schema using RCU and create it again.

Later, run the OID installer and it went fine.

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ohaya says November 16, 2011

Hi Mahendra,

I know that your post above is about installing OID from the IDM suite, but we’re seeing almost the identical (at high level) error when we try to install a fresh instance (install but don’t configure, then install but don’t configure, then configure), but the installation is only failing when we do a silent install (using installer GUI works).

I don’t know if we’re seeing the same “OID schema entry missing in schema_version_registry” error you found in your install logs, but we are seeing a ton of messages in the install log, saying that various files (JARs, etc.) are missing.

So, I was wondering if you know if there is any way to get more detailed logging out of the installer?


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