Oracle Service Bus #OSB 10.3.1 deployment in Active-Active Cluster

This post covers overview and key points for deploying Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 10.3.1(earlier BEA’s AquaLogic Service Bus) on WebLogic Cluster. For OSB 10.3.1 Single Node deployment click here 

 If you are new to WebLogic then I would recommend to look at Domain, Admin Server, Managed Server and Clusters in WebLogic Server here.  


Key Points for OSB 10.1.3 Cluster Deployment

1.In WebLogic Server you can create multiple Clusters in single domain. Oracle Service Bus domains can support a single cluster, and all managed servers (running hosting OSB application) in the domain must belong to that cluster i.e. You can’t span OSB across multiple clusters in a domain

2.You can create domain and clusters in weblogic server by running configuration wizard (

3. Singleton Services : are services which must run only on one server at given time. In OSB cluster most of services run on all servers which are part of cluster however some services must run on only one server at a time . Singleton Services for OSB include
a) File, FTP and E-Mail Pollers for Proxy Services
b) SLA Manager
c) JMS Server
d) ALSB domain Singleton Marker Application


High level steps to deploy OSB 10.1.3 in Active Active Cluster

1. Install OSB on Machine1
2. Install OSB on Machine2
3. Run on Machine1
4. Create Admin Server on Machine1, Managed Server (WLS_OSB1) on Machine1 and Managed Server (WLS_OSB2) on Machine2
5. Create cluster OSB_Cluster and add two managed servers WLS_OSB1 (on Machine1) and WLS_OSB2 (on Machine2) in cluster OSB_Cluster.
6. Deploy OSB configuration to OSB_Cluster
7. Configure Oracle HTTP Server (or Load Balancer) to forward request to two managed servers (WLS_OSB1 & WLS_OSB2)



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4 comments says August 26, 2013


I had create the OSB Development environment.

Configuration was such that OSB was deployed to Admin Server.

However, I have a new requirement, wish to deploy OSB to a Managed Server and no longer Admin Server, to reduce the load on Admin Server and for future high availability plans.

I have created a Managed Server for OSB deployment. I was of the opinion that I should just simply use the console for deploying OSB to the newly created Managed Server.

However, I seemed to have missed some steps and therefore OSB was not working.

Kindly help me.


    Atul Kumar says August 26, 2013,
    It is possible that you may have missed Library and JDBC target to this managed server. Deploy OSB in that new managed server and start managed server. Check errors in Managed Server logs and then fix them

    Reply says August 26, 2013

thanks for the response. will do it and will let you know accordingly.


Sandeeppachauri.17061 says December 8, 2014

Today i received one cluster server from my client, I deployed OSB services over that server but i am not finding any option from where i can get know that services which are deployed are over on cluster server not on the admin server, I have one more case, services that are deployed over server are working fine but i did’nt know how to access these services WSDL from browser.

Please help me.

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