Oracle Access Manager Operation Error:Form based access for unprotected resource

Hi, I would like to carve up my knowledge with problem. I was trying to open an unprotected web application resource using OAM form based authentication.

When I try to access the unprotected resource URL, I had seen the error “oracle access manager operation error”.

The error inforamtion is:

Oracle Access Manager Operation Error

The credentials (Recourse=/xmlp/services/XMLPservices RequesterIP= HostTarget= http://localhost:7777 http://localhost:7777 Operation=GET) used for the login do not correspond to a user profile in the identity system.Contact your website administrator to remedy this problem.

Problem: Form based user profile is not avaiable in identity system.

Work Around:

1. Open the plugins for specified authentication scheme in authentication management.

Example as shown below, 

Here, the plugin parameter obMappingFilter is set as uid=OblixAnonymous. But the user ‘OblixAnonymous’ is not present in identity system.

2. Create a user ‘OblixAnonymous’ in OID. If you not able to create a user using identity system console. Try to create the user using java based OID admin tool.

Hence, please be careful with plugin specification.

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