The webpage cannot be found : OAM WebGate issue

I had been hitting my head against the wall for 4 days troubleshooting a production system issue. There are 2 Oracle HTTP Servers in two different machines which are clustered and with a OAM WebGate installed on each of the servers.

Suddenly, the OHS console was not accessible using server 1 hostname, however it was working with server 2 hostname. So when we bring down OHS service in node2, we were not able to access the OHS either using virtual host or server1 hostname. The opmn logs and Apache logs were not showing any helpful messages to debug.

The error was “The webpage cannot be found”.

Finally, I got an idea to disable the webgate configurations  and test the OHS console. It worked well! Then I got to know that it is not an issue with OHS configuration but with WebGate. We have configured certain parameters for fine tuning and I compared the httpd.conf file with the working OHS instance and it was nothing different.

Then I went through the WebGate profile where I found that Deny on Not Protected flag is set to ON. When I made it off, everything worked well!

Now, let us talk something about this  Deny on Not Protected flag. This is one of the parameter of WebGate configurations in terms of providing security and performance enhancement.

By default, in OAM 10g, all the unprotected pages are allowed to access and this is when Deny on Not Protected flag is set to OFF.  However, if you want to improve security for your application to ensure that only protected pages should be accessible to the users, you can make the Deny on Not Protected flag to ON. The response of the WebGate will be faster when this Deny on Not Protected flag is set to ON when a user access an unprotected page.

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Marcel says January 31, 2012


The page you were tring to access it was a protected one?
Have you been able to access it after installing the webgate?

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