How to apply patch in Fusion Middleware (IDM, SOA, WebCenter) with multiple weblogic domains

Patches in Oracle Fusion Middleware are applied using OPatch utility. I recently applied a patch on Oracle Identity Management Home which contained two domains – IDMDomain & base_domain .

Syntax– To apply patch using OPatch utility

cd $PATCH_TOP/<patch_dir>

opatch apply -auto

Error encountered

ApplySession failed:
The given Oracle Home ‘$mw_home/Oracle_IDM1’ has
been sourced to configure multiple WebLogic domains.
Please use the -domain option to specify the domain for which to perform the auto operations.
System intact, OPatch will not attempt to restore the system

OPatch failed with error code 73

Solution –  use below syntax to specify the domain on which patch should be applied

opatch apply -auto -domain <domain_name>

In my case domain name was IDMDomain, socommand look like:-

opatch apply -auto -domain IDMDomain

If you don’t know the domain name, you can check domain name by running below command:-

opatch lsdomains [-oh ORACLE_HOME] [-mw_home MW_HOME]

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sandy says October 10, 2012

why we use opatch utility instead of adpatch?

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