Cloning Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g (SOA, WebCenter, UCM) – copyBinary, copyConfig, extractMovePlan, pasteBinary, pasteConfig, cloningclient.jar

This post covers key task for fusion middleware administrators i.e. Cloning a Fusion Middleware 11g Component from one environment to another i.e. test/dev to production or vice-versa.

Key files used in Fusion Middleware 11g Cloning

1. Cloning scripts are in $MW_HOME/oracle_common/bin (aka COMMON_ORACLE_HOME/bin)

2. copyBinary– Script to copy the software (binaries) of the source Middleware home.

3. pasteBinary– Script to paste the software (binaries) on the target Middleware home.

4. copyConfig– Script creates a configuration archive file that contains a snapshot of the configuration of an Oracle WebLogic Server domain (Java Component) or Instance (System Component) in source Fusion Middleware.

5. extractMovePlan – Extracts configuration information from the archive into a move plan. A move plan contains configuration settings of the source environment. On target environment, You can edit the move plan, specifying properties for the target environment.

6. pasteConfig – script extracts the files from the archive (jar) file and uses the information in the move plan to modify the configuration on the target. Then, it restores the file permissions.

7. cloningclient.jar – Jar file containing required java class files used in cloning.

Cloning Fusion Middleware 11g High Level Steps

1. Run copyBinaryscript on source middleware home (This script will create jar file containing source software)

2. Run copyConfigscript on source middleware home (This script will create jar file containing source configuration) – If you have Java & Systemcomponents (Like OID where ODSM/DIP are Java Component and OID LDAP server is system component) then you may have to two run config for each component (once for Java & second time for system component).

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g consists of two type of components – System Component and Java Component, check this

3. Run extractMovePlan to extract plan file (XML format) from jar file (created using copyConfigfor system and java components) – There could be multiple xml file including plan.xml

4. Update move plan file (plan.xml and other xml files) if there are configuration changes between source and target fusion middleware configuration.

5. Run pasteBinaryscript on target middleware home (This script will create target middleware home containing from jar file created in step 1)

6. Run pasteConfigscript on target middleware home (This script will create configuration files for system and java components on target instance using jar file created on steps 2 and plan file created in step 3)

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Stay tuned for stay by step cloning of SOA 11g, OBIEE 11g, Identity Management 11g

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sadiq says November 22, 2011

Hello Atul ,

Could please provide us the related document to clone Oracle webcenter portal to a new Environemt from the Existing one ..


Atul Kumar says November 24, 2011

@ Sadiq,
I am not aware of any doc which does full clone (like adclone in EBS 11i/R12).

Follow these steps

1. Clone database using database cloning steps
2. Clone middle tier using steps above (you must change plan files like hostname, port, database details )

Note: I have not tested webcenter clone so not aware of issues using above method (please raise SR with Oracle Support)

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Sai says September 11, 2013

Does this script copy the installed components too? How about components like AIA, Datasources, JMS Queues etc?

Thank you so much for the article!

Prakash says August 25, 2014

Thanks Atul..
A little doubt here…How is the above set of steps different from the app(copy-paste) & db cloning?
I usually perform below steps..
1> copy the application root folder from source.
2> paste it to target sytem.
3> Ask DBA to clone DB
4> Change IPs and other configurations in weblogic.

I just want to know why we should prefer to use or as mentioned in the document… Is there any major difference?

Chris says September 8, 2014

Hi Atul,

Have you been able to clone Discoverer 11g?

Could you please share the steps?

Thank you so much!


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