Patching Oracle Identity Federation from to

In this post I would like to explain the upgrade procedure of Oracle Identity Federation from to

Patch Number: 7215628

Here we go!!

  1. Stop the OIF processes using ./opmnctl stopall.
  2. Extract the patch installer and goto Disk1 and run the file runInstaller.
  3. Welcome screen will appear of the Install Wizard. Click Next.
  4. Select the Oracle Home Name of OIF which was already existing.
  5. Enter the ias_admin password of the OIF application server. Please note that the password has to be same which was used during previous install
  6. The installer will stop the enterprise manager service in the back end and thus it will display the message as shown below.
  7. Click the Install button.
  8. needs to be executed as root user for setting environment variable.
  9. Click OK to proceed after command gets executed successfully.
  10. Configuration Assistants will get installed.
  11. Successful message is displayed once install gets finished.
  12. The installer will automatically start the OIF services, check the services status using opmnctl.
  13. Login to Enterprise Manager console to find the OIF version as shown below.

This finishes upgrade process.

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kerberos5 says August 24, 2012

i need of patch oim- for windows x86 where can find it?

Mahendra says August 24, 2012


Get the patch from metalink site.

kerberos5 says August 24, 2012

thanks … download it! ­čÖé

I installed oim on windows x86 but when i open the console (eg http://oidsrv:7777) I can not view the page, I must draw the link like this: : 7777 … if I click on any link on the page makes the redirect but it returns error … I tried to set the file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts but to no avail … What can I do?

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