How To : Modify OID Provisioning Profile on E-Business suite Apps Password Change

In this post we are going to cover, E-Business Suite integration with OID ( Oracle Internet Directory) , a schema with apps role is used for creating the provisioning profile in OID from our EBS-OAM Integration Trainnig.

OID use this user credentials to establish connection with E-Business Suite Database.

Issue:- After updating the APPS user password in the E-Business Suite, updates in OID were not been provisioned in E-Business Suite.

DIP server log files ($DOMAIN_HOME/servers/<ods_managed_server>/logs ) shows the following error:

wls_ods2-diagnostic.log:[2011-12-22T14:04:23.920+00:00] [wls_ods2] [ERROR] [DIP-20050] [oracle.dip.r12ebs_mfltest_E]  [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000JH_hQrM7m3D_z9k3yW1Ewm0b000002,0] [APP: DIP#] connecting as : URL : jdbc:oracle:thin:@innowave12:1560:r12ebs , User : APPS

wls_ods2-diagnostic.log:[2011-12-22T14:04:23.920+00:00] [wls_ods2] [ERROR] [DIP-20052] [oracle.dip.r12ebs_mfltest_E]  [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000JH_hQrM7m3D_z9k3yW1Ewm0b000002,0] [APP: DIP#] Exception on connecting to DB.[[

wls_ods2-diagnostic.log:[2011-12-22T14:04:23.921+00:00] [wls_ods2] [ERROR] [DIP-20274] [oracle.dip.r12ebs_mfltest_E] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000JH_hQrM7m3D_z9k3yW1Ewm0b000002,0] [APP: DIP#] Error occurs while initializing ProvAppToOIDSync.[[

wls_ods2-diagnostic.log:[2011-12-22T14:04:23.922+00:00] [wls_ods2] [ERROR] [DIP-10509] [oracle.dip.r12ebs_mfltest_E] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000JH_hQrM7m3D_z9k3yW1Ewm0b000002,0] [APP: DIP#] Error in executing provisioning profile.[[

The OID provisioning profile used by the E-Business suite contains the APPS username and password. If the APPS user password is changed on the E-Business suite, then it must be also be changed in the OID provisioning profile as well.


1) Check last update for the respective provisioning profile to ensure the provisioning is not happening because of user password change:-

a) Login OID Node

b) set environment

oidprovtool operation=STATUS \
ldap_host=<OID_Host_name> ldap_port=<OID_PORT> \
ldap_user="cn=orcladmin" \
application_dn="orclApplicationCommonName=<E_Business_apps_name>,cn=EBusiness,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext,dc=<OID_tree_structure>" \


oidprovtool operation=STATUS \
> ldap_port=3060 \
>ldap_user="cn=orcladmin"  \

You will be prompted for ldap user password and Interface connection information.

Interface Connection information here means –> <Apps_DB_host>:<Apps_DB_Port>:<Apps_SID>:<Apps_schema_user>:<New_apps_password>

Please enter the LDAP password:

Please enter the Interface connection information (Press Enter key for empty value):

orclODIPProfileProcessingStatus: Event Propagation Successful

orclODIPProfileLastProcessingTime: 20111215183417

orclODIPProfileLastSuccessfulProcessingTime: 20111215183417

orclLastAppliedChangeNumber: 707309

orclSubscriberDisable: 0

orclODIPProfileProcessingStatus: Event Propagation Successful

orclODIPProfileLastProcessingTime: 20111215183415

orclODIPProfileLastSuccessfulProcessingTime: 20111215183415

Dates clearly show that last change provisioned was on 15 Dec 2011

Solution:-Update the Oracle Internet Directory provisioning profile with the new APPS password. This can be done by running the Oracle Internet Directory oidprovtool command-line utility (For detail usage click Here )

oidprovtool operation=modify \
ldap_host=<OID Server hostname> ldap_port=<OID Server Port> \
ldap_user_dn="cn=orcladmin" ldap_user_password=<orcladmin Password> \
application_dn="<The LDAP distinguished name of the application>" \
interface_connect_info=<E-Business Suite connect info of the format, host:port:Sid:username:password>

Example Usage:-

oidprovtool operation=modify \
profile_mode=OUTBOUND profile_status=enabled \
ldap_host=innowave12 ldap_port=3060 \
ldap_user_dn="cn=orcladmin" \
application_dn="orclApplicationCommonName=r12ebs,cn=EBusiness,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext,dc=innowave,dc=com" \

Bounce DIP managed servers from OID console

Again query for provisioning profile status and see the last processing time.


[ bin]$ oidprovtool operation=STATUS \
>    ldap_host=innowave12 ldap_port=3060 \
>    ldap_user="cn=orcladmin" \

Please enter the LDAP password:

Please enter the Interface connection information (Press Enter key for empty value):

Inbound profile status details:


orclODIPProfileLastAppliedAppEventID: 441081

orclODIPProfileProcessingStatus: Event Propagation Successful

orclODIPProfileLastProcessingTime: 20111222161734

orclODIPProfileLastSuccessfulProcessingTime: 20111222161734

Outbound profile status details:


orclLastAppliedChangeNumber: 795870

orclSubscriberDisable: 0

orclODIPProfileProcessingStatus: Event Propagation Successful

orclODIPProfileLastProcessingTime: 20111222161725

orclODIPProfileLastSuccessfulProcessingTime: 20111222161725

Check Last processing time should be today’s date timestamp when you performed this action.

To verify, create new user in OID and ensure the user get provisioned in E-Business Suide FND_USER.

Reference Documents:-

  • Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Single Sign-On [ID 376811.1]
  • How to Debug a DIP eBusiness Suite Provisioning Profile [ID 340501.1]

Oracle Identity User Reference 10g ( Part Number B15998-01

We provided a dedicated module for Troubleshooting where we cover Logging in WebGate, OHS, EBS Accessgate, DIP, OAM, and OID in our EBS-OAM/OID Integration Training , more about training here

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Narasimha says December 18, 2012

Hi Neha,

In our environment, EBS integrated with OAM 11g,Here we are using OID 11g as LDAP.
When ever we try to login into EBS through OAM,it showing user password is expired contact system administartor,but actually at ebs level user was not expired.we are able to connect through EBS background url (

Version Details :

1) EBS – 12.1.1
2) OAM –
3) OID – with 11.2.0 DB.

Any idea please,

Thanks in advance,

Narasimharao V.

karthiga says February 22, 2013

After following the above note, i could see few more warning and errors, as below,

Feb 22, 2013 9:26:20 AM GMT>

[2013-02-21T12:04:02.844+00:00] [wls_ods1] [ERROR] [DIP-10512] [oracle.dip.esp5466_bp_I] [tid: esp5466_bp_I] [userId: ] [ecid: 0000JnshaFz9lZmA4rq2TU1H9GjK000002,1:29753] [APP: DIP#
0] Error in making a remote call to provisioning bean : {0}[[
javax.naming.CommunicationException: [Root exception is Connection refused]

Any suggestions please.


karthiga says February 22, 2013

Few more errors seen,

Feb 22, 2013 9:26:20 AM GMT>

Saurabh says March 29, 2014

Excellent Note

Saroj Sahoo says July 28, 2016

Hi Neha,

Did the same command will work in OID version ?
I think the nterface_connect_info is obsolete in the newer version.

Could you please update the latest syntax details.


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