FA Installation Error : runProvisioning-preverify FAPROV-00298 make sure password FUSION_RUNTIME schema password is valid

Last week, I successfully installed Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.3  on our Linux Server. Contact Us If you are looking for Fusion Applications Installation, Implementation or Training.

In this post I’ll cover one of many issues faced during Fusion Application 11.1.3 installation.

Fusion Application Installation includes various phases  – Pre-verify , Install, Pre-configure, Configure, Configure-secondary, Post-configure, Start-up and finally validate.

This error is at preverify stage and message in installation log $FA_BASE/logs/provisioning/plan<randomNumber>/<hostname>/ is


[2012-04-05T13:42:59.863+01:00] [runProvisioning-preverify] [ERROR] [] [runProvisioning-preverify] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JQ2XWXh6ESgvDC sHtC1FVPB2000005,0] FAPROV-00298 The following error occurred while executing this line:[[/oracle/fa/appbase/faprov/ provisioning/provisioning-build/base-product-family-build.xml:54: The following error occurred while executing this line:

/oracle/fa/appbase/faprov/ provisioning/provisioning-build/fs-build.xml:143: The following error occurred while executing this line:

/oracle/fa/appbase/faprov /provisioning/provisioning-build/base-product-family-build.xml:631: The following error occurred while executing this line:

/oracle/fa/appbase/faprov /provisioning/provisioning-build/common-preverify-build.xml:602: The following error occurred while executing this line:

/oracle/fa/appbase/faprov/provisioning /provisioning-build/common-preverify-build.xml:586: Please make sure the the password ${provisioning.setup.pillars. core.schema.schema. FUSION_RUNTIME.schema. password} is valid. Length of Base64 encoded input string is not a multiple of 4.]]

Preverify phase of Fusion Applications Installation uses ant build file containing ant targets that handle pre-verification. One of the ant build file is $FA_PROVISIONING_FRAMEWORK_HOME/ provisioning/provisioning-build/common-preverify-build.xml

Open this file and search for provisioning.setup.pillars.core.schema.schema.FUSION_RUNTIME.schema.password

Replace provisioning.setup.pillars.core.schema.schema.FUSION_RUNTIME.schema.password 


Entry before change


<validatePasswordPolicy username=”${provisioning.setup.pillars.core.schema.schema.FUSION_RUNTIME.schema.username}”



Entry after change

<validatePasswordPolicy username=”${provisioning.setup.pillars.core.schema.schema.FUSION_RUNTIME.schema.username}”

Note: This is workaround and not fix. For fix raise Service Request with Oracle Support.

Run provisioningWizard again .

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fteter says April 11, 2012

This particular issue was a real tough spot for me too. Keep sharing – this is great stuff!

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Islam Risho says April 29, 2012

For fusion_runtime PWD , I only changed the password from the db to 8 characters and only Retry”no need to start over again” then it’s working fine.

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