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When you configure Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD), configuration tools configures two type of listeners (as shown above) HTTP Web Gateway and LDAP .

This post covers what these listeners are and where these are used.

LDAP : Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
DSML : Directory Service Markup Language
ODSM : Oracle Directory Service Manager
OVD : Oracle Virtual Directory
WLST : WebLogic Scripting Tool
XSLT : eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations

Listeners in OVD are similar to Database Listener (for DBAs) which listen for client’s request and passes it to OVD server for processing.

There are two type of listeners in OVD
a) LDAP Listener : This listener provides LDAP v3 service. This type of listener serves request from any LDAP client. OVD by default configures two LDAP listener; LDAPS (LDAP Secure listener listening on default port 7501) and LDAP (LDAP listening on default port 6501)

b) HTTP Listener : This type of listener provides service like  DSML or white page functions provided by an XSLT enabled Web Gateway. This listener is also referred as HTTP Web Gateway. There are two HTTP Listeners; DSML Gateway (listening on default port 2223 non ssl) and Admin Gateway (listening on default port 8899).

Note: When you connect to OVD using ODSM , you use Admin Gateway Port as shown below – I changed OVD admin gateway port from 8899 to 8929



Other good things to know about OVD Listeners (LDAP or HTTP Web Gateway)

1. HTTP Listener (DSML Gateway and Admin Gateway) is the interface that OVD uses to talk to ODSM and Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control (/em) (where em is a web application deployed on WebLogic Admin Server)
2. You can modify existing or add additional HTTP or LDAP Listener ports using em or WLST, more here



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