Copying configuration files between OVD 11g servers

Configuration files from OVD 11g perspective includes server.os_xml, adapters.os_xml, acls.os_xml and schema.user.xml.  These files are located at $AS_INSTANCE/config/OVD/<ovd_server>.

server.os_xml : It contains the master configuration details such as Names of other configuration files (for example, adapters.os_xml), General Information and Licensing Information, Global Plug-in Configuration, Logging Configuration, System Wide Quotas, Denial of Service Settings, View Definitions, Administrative Service Configuration.

adapters.os_xml: It contains all the adapters that are created in OVD environment.

acls.os_xml: It contains all the access control lists specified in OVD environment.

schema.user.xml: By default the schema is shipped in other xml files such as schema.core.xml, schema.cosine.xml, schema.inetorgperson.xml, schema.nis.xml, schema.dyngroup.xml,, schema.user.xml. All changes to schema are always applied to this file

syncovdconfig  command can be used to migrate these files from one environment to the other. This command is located at $ORACLE_HOME/ovd/bin

The syntax for the command is :

syncovdconfig -srcHost source_host_name -srcPort source_port_number -srcUserName source_user_name -dstHost destination_host_name -dstPort destination_port_number -dstUserName destination_user_name -configFile name_of_configuration_file -adapterName name_of_adapter -isSrcAdminSSL [true |false] -isDstAdminSSL [true |false]

Pre-requisites: The Admin Listener port for target OVD server should be open in firewall. Shoot this command from Source OVD server and hence Target OVD listener port has to be open.

-configFile and -adapterName parameters are optional. By default all the four files will get copied to target OVD server if -configFile and -adapterName are not specified in the command.

It is possible to specify to copy all the adapters or a specific adapter from source to target OVD server. For instance, to copy a specific adapater and all the other configuration files such as server.os_xml, acls.os_xml and schema.user.xml then use the below command:

ORACLE_HOME/ovd/bin/ –srcHost –srcPort 8899 –srcUserName cn=orcladmin –dstHost –dstPort 8888  -dstUserName cn=orcladmin –adapterName OIDAdapter

To copy only few configuration files such as server.os_xml and use the below command:

ORACLE_HOME/ovd/bin/ –srcHost –srcPort 8899 –srcUserName cn=orcladmin –dstHost –dstPort 8888 –dstUserName cn=orcladmin -configFile server.os_xml –configFile adapters.os_xml
Hope this helps.

Oracle Documentation here on this.

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