Oracle Identity Manager BP07 for 11gR1 PS1 (16097399) is now available – (Part of Identity Management SUite BP03 16209876)

Oracle Identity Manger (OIM) 11gR1 PS1 ( Bundle Patch 7 (BP07) i.e. is now available as patch 16097399 and is part of Oracle Identity Management Suite Bundle Patch 3 (BP03) 16209876.

  • Oracle Identity & Access Management components consists of OIM, OAM, OES, OAAM, OID, OVD, OIF, OIA, GRC, eSSO, OSSO, etc.

From installation point of view there are two installers

1) Identity Management Suite – products that are part of Identity Management are OID, OVD, OIF
2) Identity & Access Management Suite – products that are part of Identity & Access Management are OIM, OAM, OES, and OAAM

More on OIM/OAM/OID/OVD versions here and here

To add further confusion Oracle Releases Bundle Patch for OIM, OAM, OAAM, OES as Oracle Identity Management Suite Bundle Patch (and not as Identity & Access Management Bundle Patches).

This post focus on Patches and products versions for OIM, OAM, OAAM & OES.

1. OIM/OAM/OES/OAAM has following base version (aka 11gR1), (aka 11gR1 PS1), and 11.1.2.x (aka 11gR2)

2. There are Bundle Patches (BP) that you can apply on top of Base version 11gR1 ( or 11gR1 PS1 ( or 11gR2 (11.1.2)

3. Bundle Patches are for a specific base version i.e. Bundle Patch 2 (BP02) for 11gR1 is different from Bundle Patch 2 (BP02) for 11gR1 PS1.

4. Bundle Patch usually updates 5th digit in version so BP02 for 11gR1 is and BP02 for 11gR1 PS1 is (fifth digit i.e. 2 represents Bundle Patch)

5. There is Bundle Patch (different patch number) for each individual products like BP02 for OIM and BP02 for OAM and Bundle Patch BP02 for OES.

6. Oracle recently combined Bundle Patch for OIM, OAM, OAAM, and OES and bundled them under Identity Management Bundle Patch .

7. Latest identity management bundle patch for 11gR1 PS1 is BP03 i.e. (as of April 2013) and includes following individual Bundle Patch
a) OIM BP07 (released in April 2013) i.e. for Oracle Identity Manager
b) OAM BP05 (released in Jan 2013) i.e. for Oracle Access Manager
c) OES BP04 (released in Jan 2013) i.e. for Oracle Entitlement Server
d) OAAM BP02 (released in Oct 2012) i.e. for Oracle Adaptive Access Manager


More on OIM BP07 installation in README of patch 16097399 (delivered as part of Identity Management Suite BP03 16209876)



  • OIM BP 07 is Available for Download [ID 1546085.1]

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kkv says June 17, 2013

Thanks a lot!

sk says January 30, 2014

I’m new to Oracle Middleware Solution. And my focus is OIM. But there is a lot of confusion, there is OIM available on otn. Is that a patch set or a full installer?

Waiting for your reply.


sk says February 1, 2014

Thanks for replying. But there is one here
Its this one

Are you referring to Oracle Identity and Access Management ( i.e., this one.

What is the difference between the two?

    Atul Kumar says February 1, 2014

    There are installers for IAM

    1. IDM – OID, OVD which is of version
    2. IDAM – OIM, OAM, OES, OAAM which is of version

    I hope this clears your doubt

sk says February 3, 2014

So that means if I just need OID and OVD then its option 1. And if I need OAM in addition to OID and OVD, then I’ve to use both installers. Is that so?

sk says February 3, 2014

I’m asking because OIM is also bundled in IDAM, but there is no mention of OID and OVM in that. So that is a bit confusing.

Atul Kumar says February 3, 2014

Yes . Two installers must be installed in two different oracle_home

sk says February 3, 2014

All right, but what is the exact sequence of installing these two. OIM first, or IDAM first because for IDAM I’ve to install SOA generic but for OIM its not required. And what about the weblogic server? Do I have to have two servers or one would suffice for both oracle homes?

sk says February 7, 2014

Thank you for the help so far. Does your book has the installation guide for windows 2008 R2 64 bit? because that is what I’m currently using. And working with 64-bit OS is a bit tricky. I am exploring the OID/OVD installation on Windows 2008 R2 using installer, but every time it hangs on the domain creation step. I tried the “Install and do not configure” step, but that is also not working. Any tips on this scenario?

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