Install Oracle Entitlement Server (OES) Client Security Module (SM) 11gR2 (11.1.2) Part III

This is part III of Oracle Entitlement Server & Client (Security Module) 11gR2 installation and Configuration, For Part I Install OES Server click here , For Part II Configure OES Server click here

After installing & configuring OES Server (server side component), next step is to install & configure OES client side component i.e.  Security Modules (SM) .


This post covers steps to install OES Client side component i.e. Security Modules – SM (configuration of Security Module in next post)

1. OES client software is available as separate installation media, download OES client to machine on which you wish to configure OES client

2. OES client involves two things
a) Install OES client software
b) Configure OES client software

3. Unzip OES client software and start installation using runInstaller on Unix (setup.exe on Windows) from Disk1 directory

runInstaller -jreLoc [JDK_1.6_Location]

4. JDK is required to install OES client so ensure that you have JDK 1.6 installed (If JDK 1.6 is not already installed then install JDK 1.6 before installing OES client)

5. Depending on Security Module you are installing (for list of Security Module with OES click here), you may or may not require WebLogic .

6. If OES client (Security Module) requires WebLogic Server then you must first install WebLogic Server.

7. OES client software is installed under directory that is referred as OES CLIENT ORACLE_HOME (In this screenshot OES CLIENT ORACLE_HOME is /oracle/apps/oes/mw/oes_client)

8. If you are installing OES Client (Security Module) that requires WebLogic Server, then OES client software (OES CLIENT ORACLE_HOME) must be installed under Middleware Home (MW_HOME).

Note: Middleware Home (MW_HOME) is directory in which you install WebLogic Server . For example if you install Weblogic Serber under /oracle/apps/oes/mw then OES client must be installed in directory inside mw like /oracle/apps/oes/mw/oes_client



After OES client installation next task is to configure OES client, in next post I am going to cover steps to configure OES client (Security Module) and things you must know to configure OES client .

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