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Just in case if you have a requirement to retrieve the resource URL or the original URL the user accessed during authentication process in OAM 11g, then this post is for you. If you wish to redirect the user to different page post authentication/authorization success or failure and you would like to know the original URL in the redirected page then you will most likely hit this issue I am talking about.

Here is the typical use case:

  1. User access URL say http://www.sso-test.com/oam
  2. User gets login page.
  3. User submits credentials.
  4. Login is successful.
  5. Authentication Policy is configured to redirect to http://www.sso-success.com upon authentication success.
  6. User is redirected to http://www.sso-success.com
  7. User would like to do some processing in http://www.sso-success.com application and wish to finally redirect to http://www.sso-test.com/oam.

OAM 11g provides res_url header in response headers. To do this, goto authentication/authorization policy, goto Responses. Specify the response name, response type (header) and response value ($request.res_url). See the documentation for more details.

The expected value of the response header is http://www.sso-test.com/oam, provided if you had configured host variation in webgate host identifier as www.sso-test.com.

However if you don’t have this host variation, all you would get is the host identifier ie., http://<<host-identifier>>:0/oam.

This seems more like a product bug, hence for a work around, make sure to add host variation in host identifier.

Please leave your comments if you witness different behavior.

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Surya Ch says March 27, 2015

Hi Mahendra,

This is a good post. I want to know if it is possible to retrieve the HTTP referer field and send it back in the policy response headers. Please assist.


Mahendra says March 27, 2015

I’m not sure if we can send custom headers in response . You can try though…

Surya Chirravuri says April 1, 2015

Thanks Mahendra. Any specific way you want me to try to achieve that?

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