Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g : Architecture

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This post covers Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Architecture components from our Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g training



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Oracle Access Manager 11g consists of

1. Database for OAM : Database hosts OAM’s metadata and policies defined by Administrators to secure business application. You use RCU to create OAM schema.
2. LDAP Server : This is Directory Server usually Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) or Microsoft Active Directory where users and groups are stored . By default OAM uses WebLogic’s embedded LDAP server but you change that to external LDAP mentioned earlier .

3. OAM Domain Admin Server : OAM is configured in WebLogic Domain (Admin & Managed Server). Admin Server hosts WebLogic Console and OAM’s Admin Console (GUI to manage OAM artefacts like Application Domain, Policies, WebGate Instance etc). We cover these OAM Artefacts on Day 4 of OAM Training

4. OAM Domain Managed Server : OAM Managed Server is run time component that acts as Policy Decision Point (PDP). WebGate (Policy Enforcement Point – PEP) connects to this server to get policy details for a resource.

5. Application : This is the resource that is protected by OAM. You can optionally configure OAM Agent on application.

6. WebServer : WebServers like OHS/Apache acts as reverse proxy to for Application and Policy Enforcement Point (WebGate) gets deployed on WebServer.

7. OAM Agents (WebGates) : are Policy Enforcement Points that are deployed on WebServer and connects to OAM Managed Server for policy decision.  We cover OHS & WebGate in detail on Day 3 of OAM Training

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Stay tuned for my next post that covers, How OAM Request flow works and how all these components discussed above are used.

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