OHS Installation failed with error OUI-10136 Oracle Home Already Exists

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) is part of Oracle Web Tier (other components in Web Tier are Oracle Traffic Director OTD and Oracle WebCache). OHS is a recommend component as per Oracle Reference Architecture (some of we call it Oracle Enterprise Deployment).

OHS is mandatory if you wish to integrate any Oracle Fusion Middleware product (like WebCenter Portal, SOA, OBIEE, etc) with Oracle Access Manager (OAM) for Single Sign-On (SSO).

This post is related to Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) installation issue from our Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) Training (next batch starts on 17th Oct, 2015 and we cover WebLogic, SOA, OHS, OBIEE, WebCenter, SSL, Patching, Cloning) where one of the trainee encountered issue while installing OHS 11g (As part of hands-on, We provide step by step instructions to install Fusion Middleware components like OHS, WebLogic, SOA, OBIEE etc on our Server for practice)



OUI-10136 : An Oracle Home with name OH562635761 already exists at location /u01/oracle/fmw_ohs/oracle_common. Please specify another  location for Oracle Home.


Error message is self explaining, there is already an Oracle Home present with name that trainee was using while OHS installation. But as he checked, there wasn’t any folder located with name fmw_ohs under “/u01/oracle/” directory.

Root Cause:

OHS was installed under same location (/u01/oracle) earlier but installation files were later removed. Old installation location was still present in  oraInventory which was creating this issue while installing OHS again under same directory.



Delete the entries of old OHS installation path from inventory.xml file present under $ORAINV_LOC/oraIventory/ContentsXML/ directory.

Note: You can check oraInventory location in /etc/oraInst.loc in Linux.

In our case, we have deleted below entries from inventory.xml file present under  “/u01/app/oraInventory/ContentsXML/”

<HOME NAME=”OH562635761″ LOC=”/u01/oracle/fmw_ohs/oracle_common” TYPE=”0″ IDX=”2″>
<REFHOME LOC=”/u01/oracle/fmw_ohs/Oracle_WT1″/>
<HOME NAME=”OH175026832″ LOC=”/u01/oracle/fmw_ohs/Oracle_WT1″ TYPE=”0″ IDX=”3″>
<REFHOME LOC=”/u01/oracle/fmw_ohs/oracle_common”/>


After deleting above highlighted entries, OHS Installation was completed successfully.


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