Starting OAM Managed Server from Weblogic Console, Check This ?

One of the trainee from our previous batch encountered issue while starting OAM Managed server (oam_server1) from WebLogic Administration Console (/console). When a server is started using Console, a utility called Node Manager is used in the background. Make sure that Node Manager is running and Machine is associated with Managed Server

If you see node manager is fine and still startup fails then check the Managed Server log file located at $DOMAIN_HOME/ servers/ [oam_server1]/ logs and in our case, it was showing below error messages:

Caused By: com.bea.common.engine.ServiceInitializationException: com.bea.common.engine.SecurityServiceRuntimeException: [Security:097533]Security Provider service class name for IAMSuiteAgent is not specified.
at com.bea.common.engine. internal.ServiceEngineImpl. findOrStartService (
at com.bea.common. engine.internal. ServiceEngineImpl. findOrStartService (
at com.bea.common. engine.internal. ServiceEngineImpl. lookupService (
at com.bea.common. engine.internal. ServicesImpl. getService(
at service.internal. WLSIdentityServiceImpl. initialize(
at service. CSSWLSDelegateImpl. initializeServiceEngine(
at weblogic. security.service. CSSWLSDelegateImpl. initialize(
at service. CommonSecurityServiceManagerDelegateImpl. InitializeServiceEngine (CommonSecurity

Root Cause:

In the file (configuration file that is used to start node manager), the value of the flag StartScriptEnabled was set to false (by default) because of which the parameters that are provided in was not provided to JVM and therefore, resulting in the error as specified above.


1. Stop Node Manager: Exit from the terminal in which node manager started.

Note: there is no script to stop Node Manager so just kill the process

2. Run script located under $MW_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin
./ (This will enable the StartScriptEnabled flag in

You should get the output as:  “Appending required

3. Start Node manager ./startNodeManager located under $WL_HOME/server/bin


4. Start Managed Server using Administration Console. It should be RUNNING now.

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