I am SO Sorry – our WebLogic Webinar blew up on us. But there’s good news…

Webinar Replay

I’ve been dreading writing this post for the last 14 hour when I knew it was the only next step. You see that over 334 of you showed up for our Live Free  WebLogic webinar (We only catered for 250 seats which mean 84 of you couldn’t join or didn’t get invite) So we were looking  more forward to this live webinar than any other we host.

Here are few reason why we were so excited  for this webinar:

  1. We had Twice as many people registered as we’ve had in past.
  2. We have spent 20 of our past 25 working hours totally reworking the slides and adding our latest learning in presentation. So our attendee can get most out of our webinar.

But something which never happened-the damm thing blew up ! That moment was helpless for all of us. We know very small portion of our attendee got left hanging last time but  still  we wanted to share this with all of you for a couple of reason.
To say we’re sorry both to those who were waiting and everyone else. We don’t know the popularity of this topic and was not aware that so many people will registered so we hit this issue that many of you can’t join our webinar.We hope to never have the same twice.

We apologized sincerely to all of our attendee who try to join but can’t join webinar or registered by never received as we were full. Unfortunately we can’t go back in time and save the aggravation of attempting to join a frozen webinar.

But here is what we will do specially for all of you who can’t join:

  • Here are some free stuff: Find link for Presentation ebook that we used during webinar you can download same from here 🙂
  • Review Webinar Recording: You can watch webinar recording at no cost here!
  • That’s not enough: We will soon organizing again a new weblogic webinar with new topics and new information for you so keep your eye on our E-mail or either webinar registration Page
  • One more bonus for all of you Q & A from weblogic webinar: Atul and team spent 1 hour answering just question after Webinar , I’ll be posting these Q/A in my next post. If you have any question related to WebLogic come and join our weblogic Training

In the end it is an outright miserable situation to be in when technology impedes your ability to deliver quality program to your audience. But hopefully you can develop a human relationship with that audience.

Again offer you Apologies and your plan to improve forward and move forward .

Stay Tuned for our FREE Webinars !


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