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Two and half years back (2 years and 5 months exactly) here I announced availability of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.0

    With Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Oracle replaced underlying Technology Stack from 10g AS to WebLogic Server, introduced Online Patching (ADOP), Dual File System and lot more .

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With that Oracle also de-supported previous versions of Oracle E-Business Suite.
       As you see in below Support road-map from Oracle, extended support for 11.5.10 & R12.0 already finished last year.   Premier Support for R12.1 is also finishing this year (and with 2 months already out, We are left with just 10 months)
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Before I tell you what me and my team did to Support this huge influx of Upgrade requests from our Oracle E-Business customers, and lessons learnt with 30+ live Successful Upgrades with few painful upgrades (reasons to follow soon) let me tell you about myself (those who are new to this blog).
My name is Atul Kumar and I am an Author (2 books), Blogger and Oracle ACE (among first few ACEs in England) with 15+ years experience in Oracle E-Business Suite. Here is my little picture so We know each other well 🙂
I started my career with E-Business version 11.5.7 (and 8i database was just released) , How can I forget that stable version of database or 50-60 set of red CD’s with E-Business Suite software on it.
    I still remember that cramped Server room of my first company where I used to stand hours installing E-Business changing one CD after another (because no one at that time told me that I could create Staging Area. Silly me ;-) and yes I now smile when I think about it.
A lot has changed since then and with 12.2.5 (released in Oct 2015)  things have really improved specially on
a)  Cloning (12.2 has dual file system and now with 12.2.5 you can clone both file system in one go)
b)  Patching Tool (ADOP is new tool to patch in 12.2) got new parameters to support lot more functionality
  We noticed a huge opportunity in 12.2 Upgrade (Imagine all those hundreds and thousand on 11i and R12.0 customers and another few thousand customers who are still on 12.1) and started working on 12.2 Upgrade as soon as it came out 2 and half years back .

There is no looking back since then and I with my excellent team of certified Oracle Consultants we upgraded close to 30 customers across globe right from small to medium to big.

On our Journey, I with my team Upgraded hundreds of terabyte of data, database upgrades both to 11gR2 and 12c, applied few thousand patches and closed hundreds of Service Requests .
With this numerous experience that we gathered while upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite for our customers, We decided to put this all knowledge in a form of easy to understand workshop full of video tutorials, activity guide, step by step instructions to upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2.4 or 12.2.5 .
In this workshop, We also share lessons learnt on close to hundreds of real upgrades on our customers and plenty of upgrade issues while lot of other Oracle Apps DBA’s like you, who went through our Upgrade Workshop.
In next few posts over few days (stay tuned and watch your inbox) I am going to share 9 phases of Upgrades and what things you need to learn to prepare yourself for 12.2 Upgrade .
If you are seasoned Apps DBA and familiar with Patching and Cloning and wish to learn changes in Oracle Apps R12.2 like ADPATCH being replaced by ADOP , What is WebLogic and How this replaces OC4J and fits in EBS 12.2 or 9 phases of 12.2 Upgrade and step by step instructions with hands-on upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2 check our Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Upgrade Training
  • Are you thinking of Upgrading E-Business Suite to 12.2 ?


  • If already started upgrade journey, What challenges you are facing or faced  in 12.2 ?


FREE Live Webinar : Oracle Apps R12.2 Upgrade Workshop

17th Feb 2016 8 AM PST / 4:30 PM GMT / 10 PM IST

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Kedar Lone says June 13, 2016

Hi Atul,

By any chance do you know the approximate number of R12.2 implementations and upgrades till date? Appreciate if you could list few customers in US.

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