Monolithic vs Microservices

Monolithic vs Microservices – Difference, Advantages & Disadvantages

Over the past few years, we’ve been teaching Docker & Kubernetes and 1st topic we cover is monolithic vs microservices here’s why-

Cloud increasingly replacing data centres and hosting, decomposition of applications into microservices, running on a container infrastructure, managed and orchestrated by Kubernetes, developers, and operations collaborating using DevOps methodologies.

To find out all about Monolithic vs Microservices. It’s differences, advantages & disadvantages, check out this blog at

The blog will cover:
▪️What is Monolithic?
▪️Advantages of Monolithics
▪️Disadvantages of Monolithic
▪️What is Microservices
▪️Advantages of Microservices
▪️Disadvantage of Microservices
▪️Microservices and containers
▪️Why Microservices?
▪️What’s The Diff: Monolithic vs Microservices

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